Saturday, 18 August 2012

The DNW Goes On A Media Stroll

You know it is good to meet good people. I met Terh Agbedeh, poet, blogger and journalist at the very first NSBS book reading event I organised in September 2011. He attended as a guest but then went on to do a story on the event for his paper, The Nation then. I did not ask him to. He just did. Right then and there I wrote his name down my little white book of 'divine connectors'. I was right for it is thanks to Terh that I have been able to embark on a media hop of sorts over the past week or so in a bid to promote the 2011 Diary. 

This story in The Guardian (click link below to read) has been or will be featured in about six or seven other newspapers and I am hoping that it will somehow translate into more book sales for the 2011 Diary!

The thing is getting your book reviewed by the papers is not 'beans'. There is a looooong list I understand and so having short stories about the author with some soft hyping of his/her books/latest exploits is another way to bell the cat so to speak. So if you have published a book and you would love to go on a media stroll across some of our national dailies too, you could contact Terh via his email address:

Ok, so that is that for now. Just thought to share with you all. You know me, never one to keep a good thing to myself.......*smiling* 

By the way, have YOU bought your copy of the 2011 Diary yet? 

Yes? Brilliant. Thank you so much.
No?  Why ever in the world not? *quirking my eyebrow a la Sean Connery*



  1. Wow!!! The DNW is taking over!! Great article in The Guardian....more power, more grace (I didn't say 'grease looool)....

    1. More Grace.....more favour. Indeed Zee, that's what I need. That is what we all need o jare on top of more mercy. Thank you.


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