Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Devil Will Win

If you do, the devil will win!   
Yes, you read that right. The devil will win the battle for your life, health, finances, marriage, relationship, business, children, ministry, future but only if you quit fighting!

I am going on a short break from my blog so these words are sort of  like my loving kick in the derriere to us all as I shut down for a bit. Fear not, it is just till the weekend but even as I type, that does feel like a long time for me. *smiling*

Anyway, so are you? Are you going to quit fighting for those promises God made you and let the devil win? I went to bed last night feeling a tad blah and I woke up this morning feeling a tad bleurgh but then my mgm was striding up and down the house with his shekere like a crazy white garment priest shouting 'praise and worship time people! It's time for praise and worship!'. So my sleepy family praised and worshiped God cos indeed he is worth it. I won't kid you, it was not easy for him to get us all to that place where our praises flowed cos that is how human beings are when they are sleepy or tired or feeling overwhelmed by life like I was. They focus too much on what they are feeling and forget all that God has been and done for them so their praise becomes heavy and stilted. They focus so much on the signs and trials that they become defeated and downcast and then they quit. So the devil wins.

But you and I will not be like that. No matter what you were feeling before you read this. No matter how huge the issues loom over you, you must, like Monty (played by Idris Elba) in Daddy's Little Girls' rally yourself now confident that as dark as it seems right now, God is about to come through for you so you will not faint. Cos just then when you are about to faint and give up and let the devil win, that is when your victory is just about to show up. Remember, it is darkest just before dawn. So like Pastor Eddie Long said in that same movie, even if you feel like fainting right now, don't faint! Please don't quit fighting for your God-given destiny. Cos if you do, the devil will win.

And after all we have been through, after all that Jesus died on the cross to give us, that would just be a low down dirty shame.

Wouldn't it?



  1. I was afraid that you would leave us for so long, until you comforted us.

    I sometimes face a kind of conflict. The difference between When God doesn't want to solve this particular issue for me, cos that's the way He wants it... and... when I should keep holding on in faith and fighting till I birth that promise. A very thin line.

    Can you help with this?

    1. I know what you mean @ilola.

      There are some things in life that God has specifically promised us in his Word. If what I am asking ties in with his specific Bible-backed promises, I will never give up on those cos I already know he wants me to have them.There is no need to wonder about whether God wants you to be healthy, wealthy in all areas of life, truly free from bondage, married, a parent, head and not tail, ten times better than your peers, shine to his glory, filled with an excellent spirit, wise, strong, etc. He has told you so in his word and that is why Christ died on the cross. So if there are gaps in your life in any of these areas, you must hold on and trust that God will do it, in his time. Of course living in his will is a must do.

      Now for all other things not categorically backed by bible promises but which we as humans see as part of 'having and enjoying life more abundantly', I just remind myself that God loves me and if he believes I really need those things (visas, trips abroad, best selling books, bank accounts bursting with FX, wash board abs, etc etc) to live abundant lives (which you and I know we really don't), then he will give them to me as I play my own part and in his own perfect time.

      The key thing as I know you know is to have a relationship with God that is so tight that you will not have to wonder what is going on. You will know cos he will tell you because you spend time with him. Enough time to hear from him. Enough time to talk to him. For instance, this same question you have asked me, which I have tried to answer from my own experiences, have you asked your PapaGod direct? Trust me, he will answer you based on your life. He has promised that ALL his thoughts about us are good. ALL. So if there is a bad/negative thing in your life or anything that goes against his word in your life that needs to be resolved, I cannot see how he will want it to remain that way.

      Hope this helps a little.

  2. @DNW we will continue to fight. He won't win in Jesus name. Enjoy your short break o.

    1. We must Joy Ojay. We must fight for our lives. The enemy has taken too much of our territory and we must get it all back in Jesus name. Amen! It was a working break oh! But it was fun! I thank God!

  3. Great piece as always Anty Bola, enjoy your short sabbatical...LOL

    1. Thanks Gbenga. Good to see you here. I did o!

  4. Finally!!! I've been trying to comment on your blog for weeks and weeks and for some reason, my comments didn't register...something to do with third-party cookies abi na third-party puff-puff!

    Anyway, it's never too late...I'm here now and I tell's been bumper harvest! Out of the mouth of two or three, a word is established!

    May He continue to inspire you endlessly as you bless your brethren with cups of cold water on a hot summer's day.

    God bless!!!

    1. Eeeyah. I am so glad it posted today. Don't mind blogger, it goes haywire sometimes. To God be all the thanks that these words spoke to you. It makes me smile on the inside cos God is one in us who call him PapaGod. ''çups of water on a hot summer's day''. I love that.....Amen. Amen. For you and for me. Amen in Jesus name. Thank for taking the time to keep on trying to visit me Splitting Issues.


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