Sunday, 26 August 2012

Just Slap Me.

My sistafriend and work colleague will 'get' this blog title right off the bat when she sees it cos it is something we have talked about on a number of occasions . How we just wish God will forget all this freewill magana and just make us do what we ought to do to please him. We would just love to be free of our freewill, thank you very much! Freewill sucks to be honest. I mean, who needs freewill if it is just leading you to some place hot and fiery for ever? I don't! Neither does my sistafriend, Nkoyo. But since we have come to know God a little in this our walk with him we know we might as well ask for it to snow in Nigeria. He is not changing who he is for us crazy women no matter how desperate we are to please him. Freewill is here to stay. So we decided that we would ask him to do something else for us then. What did we want him to do?

We wanted him to just slap us!

Yes, PapaGod, in Jesus name, please slap the sense into us. Slap us on to the right path. Actually, it was Nkoyo's desire at first to be honest. For I was not sure that I wanted to be slapped by the hand of the Almighty God. But in my quiet moments, when I recollect ALL that God has in store for me if I would only just order my steps and walk in the spirit 100%, I am thinking perhaps a little slap here and there would not be a bad idea. So, I keep my free will and the Holy Spirit helping me, I do my best to walk like a true daughter of God in all my thoughts, words and deeds BUT should I ever begin to stray off my God-ordained path, then all I was asking my PapaGod was that he slapped my divine common sense back into place. What do you think?

I mean the stakes are pretty high here. God wants to set my feet on high places. He wants to feed me from the increase of the fields and cause me to suck honey out of rocks and milk out of flinty rocks, he wants me to gain eternal life and live with him in my mansion in the heavenly skies! He wants to bless me and do so above my wildest dream! And all he is asking me is that I not go after any strange gods. That's all. That's it. Just hear and obey God's word all the time, every day.

Sounds simple enough but you and I know it ain't simple one bit. I don't know about you but the gains for me are worth being slapped for.  To gain all that God wants to give me and much more, I will not mind being slapped by the Holy Spirit once in a while. Slap me when I don't wake up to pray. Slap those angry thoughts out of my head. Slap me back to a place of loving others as Jesus loves me. Slap those resentful thoughts out of my mind when someone says something to me that just grinds my gears all over again! Please Jesus, slap my eyes off the TV and back to my Bible! Just slap me Lord and make me more like you!

Yes, I know and you know too. God is not going to do any such thing. And we better be thankful for it. God is just such a loving gentleman Papa. He has given us all but it is left for us to step up and take it. He will not force himself on us. How wonderfully sad and awesome all at the same time! Cos I tell you, I have told God many, many times, to free me of my freewill and carry go. And he has  replied me many, many times that it's not gonna happen. For he so loved the world that he gave up his only begotten son, that whosoever believed in him would have eternal life.  Whosoever meant anyone who would freely, all by him or herself believe. There was no mention of slapping. God does not and will never roll like that.

And while, I cannot say I still do not wish he would do it sometimes, I am so very glad that my God, your God is not the kind of Papa that goes around slapping his children into obedience . So tonight, as I go to bed, I am asking him to please fill me afresh with his Spirit so that I can align my freewill to his holy will always so that I too, can eat the fat of the land now and gain eternal life after now.

Abi, what do you think?  Do you want to be slapped from on high or would you rather ask for more grace from God to align your freewill to His will?

Nkoyo, eyen ekan nmi, thank you for sowing the seed of this blog in my heart. Mwaah!


  1. GOD slap pesin, no be pemen be dat?...ahahaha.

    A funny but thought-provoking post....FREEWILL... the most precious gift our creator bestowed upon us. Yes, HE could have 'slapped' sense into us and we would obey....but will the JOY be there to serve HIM? Worshiping HIM out of LOVE is better than FEAR, or don't you think so?
    I too have wondered like this when some situations gets to me...but then, i think, how will i feel
    So, to answer your question, i will rather ask for HIS GRACE to make HIS will my freewill.

    Thank you for visiting :)

  2. More Grace......To show God we truly love him by obeying him. Yes, that is when I feel the most filled with joy when I know I am in his will. Not sure being slapped into his will will give that much joy cos like you said, if God slap pesen, yawa fit gaz o! Lol! Thanks Simply Mee. Glad you came by too.

  3. Replies
    1. Adebsrk, not sure what your 'OK' means but appreciate your coming by.

    2. Ahhh....It took me three hours but I think I get it now. Lol! Are you saying OK to my 'Just Slao me'? Lol! Don't try it oh unless you are the Holy Spirit. Lovl!

  4. simplee mee said...i ask for grace oo cos that slap na die be that
    yea, sometimes, i think of it too that God shd just do something that will bring me back into his will..
    isnt that what Love is all about, He let us choose Him instd of commanding us to, isnt that the greatest Love of all
    what manner of Love is this....
    may we receive the grace to love him in our free will, always!!amen

    1. Amen oh! True, Sugarspring, we really are at the centre of the Greatest Love Story ever. Thanks for dropping by!


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