Saturday, 28 July 2012

Without Forgiveness

Without forgiveness this ''love thing'' just will not work. 

I am sure I am not quoting it exactly right but I am sure that it resonates with me one hundred percent. You know how it is the people you love the most that have the most lethal capacity to inflict searing hurt on you? Well, the truth of the matter is that if that love you feel in your heart is destined to survive, forgiveness must be, has to be something you are willing to express and demonstrate (often). No matter what you think of Steve Harvey's book - Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man - you will agree with me that he is right about this one thing. True love can only exist where genuine forgiveness is allowed, expressed and demonstrated when ever a need calls for it.

I have hurt those I love and those I love have hurt me. Deeply. Yet we are still here only because we are trying with each passing day to allow forgiveness have its way. I will not lie, it is not easy and memories are so aggressive, seeming to side with the devil, wanting to drag one back to black, dark places where love seems incapable of being big enough. But I personally, shall not allow such memories rule. I shall not let them win.  By God's grace and his grace alone, I shall rise above those memories. I shall rise above the pains I have caused and those others have caused me and I shall continue to march on to my place in the sun. That place reserved for me by a God that loves me so completely.

But you know what? I will not get to that sunny place, I could never get there, I would never deserve to get there IF un-forgiveness still dwells in my heart. So today, as I type these words, I relinquish, all over again, every ounce of angst I have against another dead or alive, far or near. For who am I to bear such feelings of bitter bad bele, who has done so much wrong? For God's love and mercy I dare not reach out for, if I keep others on the dark side of my black book, if I continue to look and think of them...

Without forgiveness.

P. S I would just like to add here as a reminder something I have said before: Forgiveness does not mean relationship. The fact that you forgive someone does not mean that, by force, you need to re-ignite a relationship with said person/people. I learned this from my favourite book of all times, The Shack and it is so so true. Another thing that might help you with the forgiveness business: It is not about the other person to be honest. It is for YOU. Do it for YOU. When you forgive, you allow yourself get well and move on. And God knows, we both deserve to move on!


  1. You know what you want towards it.

    1. Thanks for coming by adebsrk. I will keep working/walking towards my sunny place. Join me?

  2. DNW, can I just say, gbam.

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