Friday, 20 July 2012

I Am My Choices.

Today, I stand a product of all the choices, good and bad that I have made as a self-determining young person. It is true that none of us alive has a choice in the matter. God has given us life and we have taken it. But as Henry Ward Beecher puts it (I cannot quote it verbatim and am too lazy right now to go Google it) God did not give any of us a choice about whether or not to 'take or accept' life but we do have a choice about HOW we live our lives. So I come to ask you today: How are you living the life God gave you? Who are you based on the choices you are making? Do your choices match who you say you are? Do they align with what you say you stand for/believe in?
Though not totally connected, I began thinking about choices this week when a sistafriend replied a text I sent out early this week. She said: 'that's right sista, a lot of people focus on the 'noise' instead of the 'choice'. I could not agree more. To bring you into the picture, here is the text I sent out: End times are not? It's not the timing that bothers me. I just want to be ready. And living obedient to God is the only way to be 'permanently rapturable'. Let's not be distracted by all the 'noise'. Let's focus on living right in God's sight, God will help us all. Just thought to share. 

I sent this text message after I heard (apparently, I am living on another planet, cos I seemed to be the last human being to hear it) about the medical scheme set to be launched in the US next year or so where everyone will have to have some chip implanted under the skin of their hand or something crazy weird to that effect *look of disbelief still*.  A prayer partner of mine at work had called me aside for a quick prayer basically asking God to keep our spirits acutely tuned to God so that we would not be caught unawares as surely this was  another sign of the time. I got over my shock and we prayed. But as I walked back to my seat, once again, as I always do when I hear such, I thought about my Christian status. Was I rapturable? Where my daily choices leading me towards or away from heaven?

As far as I know it, nobody knows when the world will end so I don't care what anyone says or predicts. True, all manner of craziness is happening to suggest it is close but what is the point in watching for an event for which I might not be ready. I better do myself some good and focus rather on 'being ready' for the end time (mine or the world's as we know it cos even if the world does not end on 22/12/2012 as some say, how do you know that is still not one's personal 'lights out' date?). So, as for me personally, I am going to keep my focus on making daily choices that not only keep my spiritual visa valid but also validate who I am in Christ.

For, I am the sum of all my choices. 

And so, dear one, are you.

P. S. Make a choice to attend this awesome gathering tomorrow - Return of the Helper 2012! It's being organised by the Bidemi Mark-Mordi, the Publisher of Effectual Magazine, A woman I am honoured to call sista-friend. But this is not about her, it is about you. Your brand. Your future. 
Attend this event. You will not regret it. I promise you that.
9am, 21 July 2012 @ City Cafe, Mulliner Towers, Old  NNPC Towers, 39 Kingsway Road, Ikoyi. Be there!

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  1. Don't worry, you are not the only one. I also had not heard about this chip thing until now.

    I have been hearing about ROTH but unfortunately, cannot attend as I am not gonna be in town.


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