Tuesday, 17 July 2012

HIS-story. MY-story. The ICE-story

You know my blog means so much to me; It is much more than just a place to muse and/or rant randomly. It is much more than just my mental spa where I come to download the ''files'' in my head.It is much more than a place where I come to share from my life or the lives of others. Yet, though it is all of the above it is actually much, much more than the sum of them all. This blog is my written time capsule. It is my autobiography. It is my hug to you. It is also my warning. It is my praise report as well as my confession. These blogs are my chronicles and the pages of my gratitude journal. Bottom line, my blogs are bits and pieces of my story. My History.

And yesterday, a new page was added to my history. Actually, ICE made my mgm's history. And  being as what is his is mine, then his history is my history, abi? Yes o! Yesterday, to the glory of God, ICE, our new brand of water made its first ever appearance on a Supermarket receipt! Glory to God. Seeing is believing so I invite you all to see.

Sorry it is so faint but please squint if you must to see that blessed name ICE right at the bottom! And when you see it shout ''Hallelujah'' to our God! You see that receipt up there? It is proof that there is a God and he hears. It is proof that I am married to a hard working man who would not, could not let life floor him. It is proof, my dear blog reader, that if you invite God into that thing that you wish to do, he will help you. I can't shout today. But I can tell you that God is good. I can tell you that if you wish to know more about this Swagga and ICE journey and you wish to know how to embark on your own journey or maybe make progress on a journey you are already on, then be sure to follow the Multi-Millionaire Maker blog: My Mgm's Blog (Only for those who wish to create wealth)

Trust me, I am living with the man, I am seeing him make this money live. True, he is sweating but my people that is the only way to make honest money. Follow his blog and look him up on Twitter too under the same moniker. You will not regret it I promise you.

And as you do that, send up a word of thanks to our PapaGod. He has been good. He is making my story, a good story.

And I am confident that if you are holding on to him, you will have the same testimony in Jesus name. Amen!

I am so sure.


  1. Amen!!!
    Congrats.Thank God for His goodness and may His hand continue to rest heavily on the works of your hands...

  2. Amen!!!! iNyamu. Amen. For me. For you. For yours.

  3. Congrats. I thank God for blessing you and your husband. God go make you bigger.

  4. amen oooo..IJN...
    praise God for u ooo..its good to see u being fulfilled..and congrats


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