Thursday, 26 July 2012

Biko, Just Do It.

I am having a blasting migraine right now but fear not, that will not stop me from sharing this. I have actually wanted to come back to share some more on Jael as thanks to Bidemi Mark-Mordi, I cannot seem to get the woman out of my mind. But I shall save my thoughts on her till another time. If you like, you can click Respecting Jael , the blog I posted on the Faithdames blog after I attended the ROTH 2012 Conference. I am just amazed that we women still doubt our relevance in God's sight because some one out there says that to be relevant you have to wear to be navigating some corporate ladder in your killer stilletos! As far as I know Jael was not wearing designer shoes when she killed Sisera!

Anyway, today, I want to share with you some serious simple truths that I recently learned from Bob Gass. Yes, I know. It's Bob Gass again but what is a woman to do? Being as I have an 'abundance mentality' I must share it with you. Hunh? What's an abundance mentality? I will tell you next blog around. Lol! Suffice to say that I believe there is enough sky for all of us to fly in (hence you never see two birds collide) so I am ever so willing to share and share and share! I am for sure not a hoarder of good things! And today, the good stuff I wish to share is  'The Formula'.

The Formula? Yes, the formula that we Christians can apply to the maths of our lives to enable us live lives that truly count! I don't know about you but I really do not want to live a flotsam and jetsam kind of life o! You may have heard about 'The Formula' already but it will not hurt you to hear it again and this time, it is my prayer that you will apply it to your life TODAY and make it work for you! Here it is:

To make your life count, to begin to live a life really connected to God,  'give God the FIRST part of every day, the FIRST day of every week, the FIRST portion of every pay check and the FIRST consideration in every decision'.

These are the words of John C Maxwell and I agree with him. Tell me, how  can this fail?  I cannot see how. True, it sound rather simplistic but therein lies the beauty of it. At least, I think so. And I know many of us know this already. It is just for us to live by this formula that remains. So please, today, I am begging us all to live lives that put God first.  Don't say it anymore. Don't pledge it any more. Don't resolve to do it anymore. And please, don't tell God you will do so anymore.

Biko, just do it, So gbo?

God will see and God will reward.


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