Sunday, 24 June 2012

True, It's Emotional Blackmail.

I agree. I am not shy to admit it. I am about to blackmail you.

If you say you are my friend, cyber and/or otherwise, I cannot imagine how you will be able to continue living with yourself if you do not click on any of those two links below right away and order a copy of the latest and last Diary of a DNW! I know! How low will a woman go to sell her book? As you can see, quite low actually. Low enough to resort to emotional blackmail. Low enough to 'force' you to prove your love (OK, your 'like' since you want to be that way) by buying my book and sending me a photo of you and said book so I know for sure say you don buy am. You are right, I simply have no shame. Just manage me like that. Lol!

The 2011 Diary on Amazon!
The 2011 Diary on Barnes & Noble

The thing is I am currently trying to raise funds to order copies to bring into the country but till then, the only way I am going to sell is online and I really think you will enjoy this particular Diary. Honestly, I do. Lol! Anyway, here are three things you can do today to shake body in my favour.
1. Click and order a copy or two or three
2. Share link on your blog, FB page, Twitter or any platform of your choice
3. 'Like' the book on Amazon and leave a review
4. Now smile at yourself in the mirror cos you know you just did a good thing for someone and because life is a boomerang, that good will surely come back to you. 

You see now! Though it looks and sounds like I am blackmailing you emotionally, it is all coming from a place of love really *smiling mischievously*. True, it's only cause I want good to come your way now! Lol!

Happy Sunday People and please live 'Ready'. 

Yes, every minute of every day, let's live ready to die well.





  1. Loooolll. For now, I know I can do number 2. As for the rest, I will just wait till the book comes to Nigeria, then I will grab my own copy.

    Please, I cannot find the 'like' button on Amazon oooo.

  2. Ok, I have found it, and liked it.

    1. Thank you o jare. You have actually done 2 and 3 and that is plenty. Mwaah!

  3. Trying so hard to leave a comment...this is the third try! I hope I get lucky!
    'Have allowed myself to be emotionally blackmailed into at least, sharing on Social media...shall order the book by and by...if only to see myself in it *tongueincheek*'

    1. If only you had sent me that photo, you would have! Lol! Thanks Zee. BTW I held back my 'offering' cos I realised that I had some other stuff to give. So pardon my slackness. It is for a good cause. Are books OK too?


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