Wednesday, 6 June 2012

PapaGod, I Cannot Lie To You.

PapaGod, I cannot lie to you. And even if I could, I wouldn’t. I mean, what would be the point really when you can see the deepest part of my heart. When you know my thoughts even before I have thought them. No, there is no point keeping anything from you and that is why I am just telling you how it is doing me. You see this country, Nigeria. I love her but she is beginning to really frighten me. I know to have faith in you is not to give in to fear but PapaGod, I cannot lie to you. Nigeria excites and scares me in equal proportion!

I do not know about you, but each time I listen to news, each time I read a newspaper, I have to make a deliberate decision not to descend into a place of cloying fear. It is a continuous clash of the titans – Fear vs. Faith. True, I do manage, by your grace alone to move myself back to a place of trust rooted in your love for me and mine but when I heard some of the Dana Crash stories, PapaGod, I cannot lie to you, I could not stop the anxiety that threatened to choke me. What is this country turning into? I lost three school mates in that crash. One of them died with her whole family! A young former colleague lost her equally young husband. Another lost his sister and her son. PapaGod, why now? I know you are he who is not to be questioned, the Sovereign God but then again you are my Daddy and a child is meant to be able to ask her Papa anything. So tell me PapaGod, why did this have to happen? Why now? Ehn?

Oh well, and then again, how is that my business? It has happenend and chances are it and/or many other nasty stuff will happen again in this dear country of ours. And I will be gutted and I will be freaked out and I will have sleepless nights but you now what PapaGod? None of it will ever make me lose my hope in your love and your word. True, I might stumble, true, I might question and true, I might shiver at many a thought BUT I will remain loyal to you. For therein lies my one and only trusted path out of paranoia. You are my hope and my light in this nasty, dark world. I do not have to undertand it all. I just have to belong to you. It’s quite simple actually. Faith is not about what you see but what you do not see. And true peace is not about the absence of problems and catastrophes; it is about the presence of God in our lives no matter what.

I think to be honest I need to more focussed on the life after now. It is this preoccupation with life or living  today that creates the fear of something snatching it away from us. I think we cling on to life too tightly. And who can blame us really? Life is sweet and should be rocked to the hilt albeit without losing sight of eternity. You see, on the axis of eternity, the time we shall spend on this side of the divide is but a speck. So why do we spend so much time thinking about the here and now and so little thinking about the ‘there and then’ that comes after we die? Why if we say we love you so much are we so reluctant to come be with you? PapaGod, I cannot tell a lie, I need your help and your grace o! And I need it today.

Please help me to be more eternity focussed (or Heaven-minded as my Sisdivine, Audrey, put it on her blog - Uniquely Woman). Help me to ‘reject’ fear and embrace faith when faced with tragic news. And PapaGod, please wrap all the families affected directly by this horrible plane crash in your comforting arms. Cos Lord, I cannot lie to you, ONLY you can comfort these people. Only you.

Oh and PapaGod, one more thing. Thank you for all the ‘miracle escape stories’ that have come forth. As you decreed that those ones would not die, Lord so decree over me and the one reading this right now and all those we hold close so that we can live to fulfill purpose to the glory of your name! It's in Jesus name that I ask you. Amen!

Your still loyal daughter,


  1. amen to your prayer. May their souls RIP

  2. Amen o anty me...God wl save who He save period,may wl be part of d saved grp and whn its said and done wt us may we be n d celestial city. Amen


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