Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Just The Way You Are (To My Brother on His Birthday)

If you were different, you would not be you. My dear Aburo mine, if you were any other way, you would not be my brother, Tokunbo and that just won't do at all. So today, your birthday, I am so bragging on God for you, just the way you are. Alive and well and mine. My brother. Happy Birthday Aburo! Happy Birthday!

It was just awesome speaking to you this evening. I am not sure there are many people in my life who, at the sound of my voice let out such whoops of pleasure. It is almost hard to believe we had not spoken in ages cos that is just the way you are. So far, yet so very near. To me. Space and time do not matter cos I carry you in heart. And though there are many things I wish were different, I am so very proud of you and all you have done to hold it together on your own out there. I brag on God for your life my Aburo mine, for giving you to me, just the way you are.  I so hope you rock your birthday my only brother from my mother. Cos you so deserve it. 

There are eggs and there are eggs and there are brothers and there are Brothers. You are a Brother. Not because I get to see you all the time. Not because you visit me. In fact, we have not laid eyes on each other in over 20 years! Can you believe that? How have we survived that? Only God knows. But that is the thing. In spite of that, no matter how long the silence when I hear your voice, when you hear mine, I know you care. It is just there in your voice. Mrs. Gaska knows what I am talking about. There is just this quality to your voice that tells us you care. And for me, that is enough. Its the main reason I love you just the way you are. 

I would post a picture of both of us when we were little but I think you would have a fit so I won't (at least not  now. Lol!) It's your birthday afterall so I shall not do that to you. But I am posting these two photos for your birthday pleasure!  I am sure you do not even remember these photo of us but I hope they sort of make your day. So here they are ! Enjoy!  Lol!

Two women, way back in the day. We loved you then. We love you now.

Moi at 2 or 3 years old. Yes, I know, what happened? I used to be so cute, non? Lol!
Happy Birthday Aburo mi Owon! Never forget it, Your Sisters love you just the way you are. It would be a lie to say we agree with all your choices BUT believe me when we say our love for you is unconditional. Totally. To us, you are amazing just the way you are and we pray for you all the time. All the time.

Happy Birthday Aburo mine. Happy Birthday.

Love from your Egbon.

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  1. You haven't seen your brother in over 20 years? Wow! That's long

    Happy birthday to your brother


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