Thursday, 28 June 2012

Introducing 'IceH2O' by My Mgm

I have been married to my mgm for nineteen years. I love him from a place in my heart I did not know existed but still many times I have had a deep desire to kill him or myself. But that is what love does. Today though I am sincerely proud of him. For yesterday, for the very first time in the history of mankind, I was able to show off a bottle of our new brand of water - IceH20 (Ice Water) - a brand of bottled water you know you can trust. Glory to God! For those who have been following this blog, you will know that about two years ago, our company, Akimaani Nigeria Ltd, brought forth Swagga watter - sachet water aka pure water. Today, we now have IceH20. the bottled version of our water and we are offering it to you. Please accept it. Please embrace it. Please pray for it.

I cannot shout. All I can do is praise God and thank him. All I can ask you is that if you truly have any iota of like or love for me, you will, from today, ensure that the water you drink is IceH20. You do realise that it would be highly irregular for you to consume any other brand of water now, don't you? I mean, do you know the producers of Eva, or Golly or Nestle or Sparwasser? Of course you don't! But you know me now, abi! I am you personal person so of course you have just got to buy my water. In sachet or in bottle. IceH20 goes on sale officially as from 01 July 2012 and any order of 2 cases of twelve 75 cl bottles gets home delivery so tell me why will you not order our water? Why?

A case of 12 bottles costs N400 naira. Delivery is free for now as part of the introductory promotion (within Lagos Island, VI, Ikoyi and certain parts of the Mainland).  Please I know I am plugging my new book as well but if you have to choose between my book and buying IceH20, I beg oh! Buy the water. It is what pays the bills right now. Lol! I have been giving out samples of the water at work and feedback has been good. Trust me, my work people are very, very finicky so if they say IceH2O is good, it is good. Taste, packaging. All on point. Already, we have an order to be the 'water supplier' for one office and a pledge to have us as the official 'refresher' of a conference scheduled for July! Glory to God!!!!!

Please, you know me, I am not shy, call 0802 501 2999 to place your orders for your home and/or office use or to get more information. I have made myself the by force special events Manager so if you are having a party, village meeting, wedding or any other social event, do call  me to arrange your supply of IceH20, water you can trust. Please. Ok? Thank you so much.

And perchance you have no need for bottled water, then just thank God for my mgm and I. Thank him and ask him to please continue to breathe on Swagga and IceH20. Let them stand out and give glory to God wherever they are used/served. In Jesus name. Amen. And just share the word. Spread the word about Swagga sachet water and IceH20 bottled water.

Thank you. Love you but believe me, no one loves you like God does. 

No one.

At my desk, drinking the latest brand of water
in town - IceH20!!!! Glory to God! 


  1. Congratulations! I'll start looking out for it.Well done

    1. Thanks Toyin. Or you can simply call 0802 501 2999 to order your two cases today! Lol! We give God all the glory.

  2. Looll, congrats on this new line of business. I am a mainland gal, but if I see it on the road, I will surely get it

    1. I believe the Mainland is a part of this Lagos we are living in abi? Lol! IceH20 is not hindered by bridges o! So you need it, we will bring it to your door. Gba o! Lol! Have fun at the Read it Loud reading tomorrow. Not sure I will be able to make it.


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