Thursday, 7 June 2012

I Met @ilola Today!

First of all, I was mortified to realize that I had been calling her 'ilola' thinking it was her call name only to discover today that she uses the @ symbol in place of the 'At' that starts off her name. I should have been calling her 'Atilola' all the while! Please someone tell me that I am not alone! Lol! I think what is even more embarrassing is that it took me reading her book almost to the end to get it! Yes, that long! Anyway, I shall get over myself and move on to the koko of this blog.

@ilola's book! Antonyms of a Mirage! Personally, I think it rocks in the freshest of ways. I can honestly say that I have never read anything like it. It is a combination of all sorts of mind boggling, uncomfortable to read topics and life issues and I really think everyone should get a copy. Now, I am not asking you to buy this book because I know (well, we are blog-buddies now!) and like @ilola. I am asking you to buy this book because it made me squirm and I need some squirm-partners. Yes, in this deceptively innocent-enough looking book lies some major soul-searching writing dished out in very unexpected ways. I am no critique and I am not into judging any body's gifting cos as far as I am concerned if you write and believe in what you are saying, go for it! Let your voice speak o! And don't let anyone stop you. So gbo?

Anyway, back to @ilola's book. When I said it made me squirm I meant it. Her writing haunts you. From the first page, it grabs you like a bull dog and takes you on this ride. You try to get off cos it is cutting too close to home but you cannot cos you just want to see what happens in the end. And when you get to the end, you squirm some more. And I love it cos it gets you to think very well.  I am not sure any of us will read her book and not see ourselves (in full or in part, past or present) in it somewhere. I would find it hard to believe really.

Anyway, I am not done yet but my favorite bits  are The Parable of the Cockroaches, My Own Worst Enemy, Walking In Her Mind, In My Pocket, Letter to Undo, Corruption Noni (hilarious!), The Other Woman (this is such a mean but true piece. Kai!), Family Portrait (sadly true) .....and I could go on. 

This 'portable-cute' lady is truly gifted in the way she has portrayed life issues in this book. I am grateful for the wonderful surprise of meeting her today. Thank you Betty Abah for making that happen by putting my name down to read at the Read it Out Loud programme organised by the US embassy Public Affairs Section. And plenty kudos to it for creating this enabling environment for upcoming and seasoned writers and poets.

So what are you waiting for? Go on, go and order your copy of Antonyms of a Mirage now, now, kia, kia!

P. S. @ilola, you know I am never giving any of those corporate beggars any more money right? Yes, we have some that hang around the entrance of my office in the evening............No more! Well, unless God tells me to and he has got to speak up real loud! Eh-hen! Lol!


  1. I am really crying now. But tears of joy. So, you started reading it immediately? Awwww.

    I am going to take some paragraphs from this blog post and add it to my official review statement.

    Thank you, God will reward you for this encouragement. I am so glad I met you today, it was such a wonderful surprise.

    People, she doesn't look her age at all oo. She is an embodiment of charisma, kai.

    1. I started it the moment I sat in my car! And I could not drop it till I got home! I tell you, for the first time in ages, I did not mutter angrily at LCC for turning my 30 minute journey into a 2 hours plus!

      I even told my son he had to read it after me! Well done @ilola! Did I tell you I loved the coloured graphics?

      Don’t forget to send me your bank details (


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