Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I Hate It When Love Gets Mean

My life has been bitter-sweet lately but that is OK cos I am kinda use to it. But though I am used to it, I can tell you, it hurts when love is mean. I find it difficult to understand mean love. Tough love?  I understand. Blind love? Not always the best but I understand that too. Crazy love? Well, how for do? Sometimes, love is just mad and I get it but mean love? Mean, vindictive, manipulative love. This, I do not get and I do not like. At all.

I always ask myself how come humans are so capable of committing horrendous atrocities all in the name of love. God's love is never mean even though we sometimes think so but it really is not. No matter how hard God comes down on us sometimes, you can always trace it back to his love for us. True, sometimes it takes us a while to figure it out but that is just the truth. God is not wicked. Human beings are. And then they have the nerve to claim that it is borne of love! May God forgive us all for taking the name of love in vain!

Anyway, we human beings need to check ourselves well cos I think sometimes we do not even know when our love has stopped being loving. And the truth is, right now, even as I vent, I know that some of my recent actions have been mean too so don't get me wrong, as I point at you, the other four fingers are pointing right back at me. Yes, I find that, in recent times, I have more or less cut some people out of my life. People I say I love. How come? Cos I  believe they have wronged me. I am vexed. I am praying for grace to let go of my vexing and to be honest, that grace has not come down on me yet.  The thing is I do not vex easily but when I vex, it is not a pretty thing.  Especially when you are someone I care about deeply.

I don't know about you but it is hard for people I am not close to hurt me. But people I love? When they let their love turn mean on me? Now, that is just like a Judas kiss. Like Brutus sticking it to Caesar! If I don't have a close relationship with you and you behave badly or say something nasty about me, it might sting a bit but, like a duck does to water, I just shake it off my back and move on. Not so easy when a bond beyond the superficial exists. I just stand there, stunned,  wondering 'How could s/he do/say that and have the nerve to tell me it is cos s/he loves me?' How, in the name of all things bright and beautiful can you love me so mean-ly?

I guess the answer lies in our humanity. We are humans that's why. And right from the get go our hearts are mean. God is the only person I know that is able to love and be tough without it turning mean. Only when we let God's love overtake us do we become better at doing tough love better. Anyway, I shall quit whining now and move on too. I give up o jare. I have no control over other people but I have control over me. So let me just focus jejely on myself.

Instead of waiting for  people to change, God on my side, I will just be the change I would love to see. I will not allow people make me mean-hearted. Change my nature? Lailai!. No, I won't let that happen cos it would just be a crying shame.

 Don't you think?

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  1. Before I got to the 2nd to the last paragraph, I was gonna say that its because we are humans.

    Wherever humans are, mean stuff exists. Its life and there is nothing we can do about it. Its just left for us to try and love people in the unmean way. At least, we have control over that

  2. Like you when, when someone I care for deeply hurts me, it's really hard to 'shake it off'. It just is! And doubly harder when they don't 'repent'...I find that forgiveness is pretty difficult when repentance is not present but...

    what I did yesterday (yep! that recent and this happened some months ago) was - Come unto me all ye who labour and are heavy laden - and I did. I told Him that while I can't force that person to 'repent', I don't want to carry the burden of the hurt any my dear sister, we are there with you. One day at a time and by His grace, we will be spotless and bride-ready when He comes for us.


    1. Amen. We will be ready. We must be ready in Jesus name. Amen! Thanks Splitting Issues for coming by my blog and forgive me for taking so long to reply you *shamed look face*

  3. I agree with your last few statements. We can't change other people, no matter how hard we try to, people will always do what they like. It's either we adapt to their way of doing things, or move on to something better.

    It's a waste of time for us to let others bring us down, because of something they did to us. Even when we let them know, that what ever they did was wrong, some still don't get it. Others just don't care. But, when someone we love does wrong to us, it's hard to forget and let go, but we must do what's right for us.

    I've had to let go of some friends in the past because of misunderstandings, hurtful things they did/say, and much more. I still love them, but from a distance. God is love and we are commanded to love, so for me to hate them is impossible.

    God is always there, and is love is unfailing! :)

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this post! :)

    1. First of all, so sorry for my late reply to this. Thanks for coming by here. You are so right, we will not become like the world. We must do what is best for us, our now and our future and that means not allowing un-forgiveness mess with our God-like DNA.


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