Friday, 1 June 2012

Either Way, You Are Right.

T'is  the first of June 2012 today. Can you believe it? Let's just take a moment and thank God for life. Nothing is more precious than being alive. Nothing.

You know, I am not sure where to begin thanking God from. Maybe I should roll on the ground from here to Lome and back a la CAC Agbala Imole? Would that do it? I doubt it cos God has been phenomenally gracious to me. Nothing I do can ever quench this thirst in me to thank him. Today, in the car, I was so overcome with gratitude to him for giving me the opportunity over and over in my life to come to a place where I know that He is real. I tell you, dear one, in this season of my life, God has brought me to that place where I feel he is even more real than the people that  I see in flesh and blood.  Yes, he is that tangible to me.

Anyway, welcome to the month of June and in the words of Henry Ford, may I just tell you that whether you think you can do/achieve/attain/acquire/become/possess anything in the next seven months or whether you think you cannot, either way you are right.

Don't you love it when some secular person says something that your God has already told you over and over in the Bible? Tell me, which scripture ties in perfectly with what Henry Ford is saying? Exactly, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is.  It sounds simple but I love simple things.

If you think you will never be rich. You won't.
If you think that your God is rich and in him, you are rich already. You are.
Either way, you are right

If you think your biological clock is ticking past your prime. It is.
If you think that your clock is ticking perfectly in line with God's plan for you. It is.
Either way, you are right.

If you think your husband will never materialise. He won't
If you think your altogether fine and God fearing husband is just around the corner. He is.
Either way, you are right.

If you think you will never walk holy. You won't
If you think that, in Christ, you can walk pure. You will
Either way, you are right

If you think your home is a haven of peace and love. It is
If you think your spouse is crazy and your marriage is on the rocks. It is
Either way, you are right.

If you think you will never write or publish that book. You won't
If you think your book is already published and a bestseller. It is!
Either way, you are right.

I could go on and one but what am I trying to say? I am sure you get it already. In the next seven months, train your thoughts to align ONLY with what is positive and in line with God's promises to you. Cos, your thoughts are like magnets and they will attract what you are thinking to you! You see, this is how I understand it. When you think like this, if you are wise, you will begin to act in ways that support your thoughts. When you think about God's promises over your life, you should want to live in a way that would make those promises come to pass, won't you? Unless you are a 'foolish somebody'. Lol!

Please I am not talking about positive thinking here. I am talking about thinking about what God has said over your life and expecting them to come to pass because you have faith and you are living right in his sight. Yes, that is the bottom line. Get rid of all that you know God does not like and fill your mind with his word and be expectant. You will see, God will begin to move in awesome ways in your life. Like he is doing in mine. 

Anyway o! Whether you believe this will be your testimony or whether you do not

Either way, you are right.


  1. God says it, I believe it, that settles it! Thank you for turning my head back to the goalpost...sometimes, I get so carried away...

    1. We all do dear Splitting Issues. We all get carried away. We just have to keep 'coming back to our senses' I guess. God helping us. And knowing him, he will.


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