Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Death By Fear

You know how we always say " I almost died of fright'? You know when we say these things we hardly believe that it is truly possible to literally die of fright. Well, I come to tell you that it is very possible. On my flight to Port Harcourt, I saw live how possible it is for fear to kill someone. I mean literally cause someone to die.

I have to thank God for bearing me up on eagle's wings to and from PH. I also have to thank him from the bottom of my heart for not allowing me to be on a plane where someone would die. At the hand of Fear. I tell you, @ilola was right, people did look normal and people did act normal boarding that plane but I can assure you that plenty of not so normal emotions were perambulating up and down the paths of our various minds. The kind of thoughts, emotions and feelings that would make an able bodied man dissolve into a gasping mess at the voice of the pilot crackling over the air in that plane. All he wanted to tell us was to prepare as we were approaching turbulence but can you blame the man really? I felt the turbulence even before he spoke and I was not a happy camper but being as I had handed over my life and my all to God the moment I set foot on that plane, I just continued reading my paper (this does not mean I was seeing anything in front of me, but I sha kept on reading. Lol! ) until I heard a commotion behind me. What again, I exhaled to myself.

A passenger was in distress. Serious one. Is there a doctor on the flight? one of the flight attendants asked. No doctor. A nurse then, please is there a nurse on board? As God would help this man, there was. She had to leave her twin babies to go help him. The moment the pilot spoke, his inner fear took hold of him and sent him into immediate shock and his system began to shut down. Hard to believe but had this nurse not come to his rescue, this man would have been murdered by Fear right there in his seat, twenty-nine thousand feet in the air. Can you imagine? I could not but now I can.

I am happy the nurse was able to stabilize him. I am so happy there was oxygen on that plane. I am so happy that the pilot was able to call the ground from the air so that an ambulance could be waiting for him right at the foot of the plane as we landed. I am so happy for sparing me from being on a flight during which someone would die from fright. Or anything for that matter. But most of all, I am so happy and so thankful to God for making it possible for me to have a confidence in him that empowers me and enables me control my fears. For people of God, if your fear controls you, if your fear is bigger than your faith in God, if you allow your fears consume and overpower you, as you have seen, it can kill you. Literally.

Faith in God is truly the only antidote to Fear. Never before has this truth been so clearly demonstrated to me. And in the times we are living, I fear (forgive me) the only way to live a decent, peace- infused life is to just have total confidence in God's will for your life. To live a purpose-driven and fulfilling life is great. To go home to God is even more so. Either way, I am good. 




  1. Are you serious??? Wow, that fear must have been crippling o. The man must have been grooming it a long time ago, for it to grow that big. I am glad things ended well.

    Thank God for journey mercies.

  2. Thanks God for journey mercies! Thanks for this post ma :)

  3. You had me reeling wit lafta over here.... Really funny story but can fear really kill?????? Anyway from your story it almost did. LOL

  4. Hmnnn the reality of life n'the fear of death! We just got to be ready


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