Friday, 25 May 2012

What Are Your Values?

You know sometimes we really have no clue who we really are or what we truly stand for. We say one thing but then our behaviours tell a totally different story. I just facilitated a Leadership Workshop for a bunch of guys and I tell you, I LOVE to do this and my favourite bit is when you literally see the light bulb go on in a participant’s head as s/he falls upon some profound and/or shocking truth about themselves. It happens at different times during the course but never as much as it happens during the ‘Values’ session. People have no clue how ‘value-less’ they are until it smacks them right in the face!

As an aside, I had a truly gut wrenching experience yesterday coming into today. Sometimes this roller-coaster called Life feels like it is trying to throw you over the railings or something. Yet somehow just when your grip is slipping and you are so sure you are going to crash and burn, God swoops down and whisks you to safety! What an awesome God! He is just so on point.  You see this is why the Quality of my Connection with God aka my Faith/Spirituality is one of my top five personal values. My other values are Family, Serenity, Honesty and Helping Others. I have to hang my head in shame though as I admit that many times if you had only my behaviour to go by, you would not believe those were my values cos my actions thoroughly contradicted my espoused values *smh*  But we will get to that later.  

So tell me, what are your own top five personal values? Do you know them? Have you ever given this question much thought? Examine yourself and come up with your top five. Remember, your values are those standards you set by yourself to live by. They provide an internal reference for you about what is good, beneficial, important, useful, desirable, constructive, etc. Your values drive your conduct/behaviours. But do they really? Like I said, we shall look at that next blog around. For now just take some time to figure out what your personal values are. Start with ten and then give it some more thought and cut down to five. Err……May I hint you on something? If this is the first time you are doing this, it will be hard o!

P. S. Here are some examples of personal values (look it up on the web for a complete list): Achievement, Friendships, Physical Challenge, Advancement & Promotion, Growth, Pleasure, Adventure, Having a Family, Power& Authority, Affection, Helping other people, Privacy, Arts, Helping Society, Public Service, Challenging Problems, Honesty, Purity, Change & Variety, Independence, Quality of What I take part in, Close Relationships, Religion/Faith, Money, Freedom, Integrity, Influencing Others, Quality Relationships, Truth, etc. 

Why am I making us do this? Your values drive your choices. You are a product of your choices. I think it is important to know why we are becoming who we are becoming......... What values are driving us.........they may be right, they may be wrong.....or perhaps we are not living our values as we should.........perhaps our espoused values (the values we SAY are important to us)  are not our in-use values (the values we demonstrate by our behaviours and our actions). 


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