Monday, 28 May 2012

To Love An Author-Friend.....

My birthday presents just keep rolling in. Today, The e-Book version of the 2011 Diary became available at my Publisher's Bookstore! God is just the best.  I just did about 7000 plus steps round my estate so I cannot shout too much but if I was any more excited, I would be popcorn. Please help me thank God for being so on point even when we are wondering how come our plans do not seem to be gel-ing, at the end of the day, we discover that his plans were far more superior than ours! Now, I am quite chuffed that my timing was off. This God sha! So that is my great news but how do we make it even better? Easy.

If you have a Kindle or any of those gadgets that allow you buy and download books, this would be a great time to buy my book.It is a very strong suggestion bordering on a soft command *smiling*. Cos you see I am an author and you are my friend ( you are, are you not?) so to show me some love you would run off now to and by the 2011 Diary.  You know me, hate to stress people so voila le link right here:  

Doing this would be a strong indicator of your love for this author-friend of yours. Lol! No, honestly, it pays us Authors better for you to buy our books direct from our publishers. The Amazons, Barnes and other online bookstores of this world, God bless them, are taking too huge a chunk of our royalties so have a heart, if you live abroad and can help it, please buy my books from Xlibris please. However, any which way you buy is fine o! A sale is a sale! Lol!

So that is that for now. I will continue to update you on this. Soft copies should be available online in the next couple of weeks but you know how these things work. Once I know, you will know too. I am really hoping to have copies available in Nigeria as soon as possible but once again, owo Olorun lo wa! And it's a good place for my business to be - In God's hands.

So what's it to be? You gonna show an author-friend some love or what? Yes? See, this is why I like you. Buy or simply share the news, either way, you are on point. Notin do you at all!

I thank you but God will reward you.



  1. Yes, I am your friend but will have to wait for the hard copy. Sorry, na complications cause am.

    Congrats once again

    1. I know you are o jare. No wahala my love. We are bigger than complications cos there is a King in us......

  2. Not on Amazon UK yet...will keep checking. (Hard copy please :-) thanks)

    1. Thanks. I will keep checking too...I know its my book but I cannot wait to get a hard copy myself. Lol! God bless you Splitting Issues.

  3. wow i am dancing for you. i am so happy. wish i can pick it up asap and i love the cover of this one. it has the african feel.


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