Friday, 4 May 2012

A Russian Ballerina & A Gentleman (aka A Pre-Nup After My Own Heart)

Dedicated to Kasia & Brian. Thank you Kasia for sharing your life with me.

This is a photo of the real 'Kasia' back then!

I met a Russian Ballerina this week. No, I am not joking. I really did. I will call her Kasia for the sake of privacy. Kasia was a professional ballerina for over 25 years of her life and when you see her, from her body, you can tell even if she is now over 55 years old. I looked at her and then I looked down at my nice chubby mid section and decided to remain amazed at how good she looked rather then descend to a bad place about my Michelin middle. Lol! She looks amazing and her good-looking American husband, let's call him Brian for this blog, knows this very well and each time he looks at her or speaks about her you can tell he has a deep appreciation for his Russian ballerina. This tripped me beyond words. It reminded me about how my mgm looks at me sometimes.

Anyway, I spent much of my past week in the company of this charming, down to earth woman with the enchanting and incredibly hypnotic accent and I tell you, it was like a breath of extremely minty fresh air. I think it was God ordained, our meeting, being as I just celebrated my own wedding anniversary, it was just so apt that I would meet this woman and her husband who though both in their late 50s were so clearly in love. Their stories inspired me and made me want to love my mgm even more so I too could share such tales with some young woman 10 years down the line.  I want to share the bit that tripped me the most. The bit about their 'Pre-nup'.  I would share more but I won't because I am really hoping that Kasia will make all my whining and cajoling worth it and write a book of her life and times. Like I told her, it would be runaway bestseller and I was not joking. 

Kasia and Brian
celebrating 10 years together.
Kasia and Brian met and fell in love in New York. When they decided to get married, it was clear in their heads and hearts that it was meant to last. They had both been married before and knew that this second time around had to be it. No more. To prove it, here is what they did. They cut a deal. Brian would buy Kasia his wedding anniversary presents to her in advance. Yes, you read right. He would buy their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th wedding anniversary presents right from day one. That was his part of the deal. Her gift to him? She would stick around long enough to truly deserve and own them. Technically, when he bought the gifts for her, he gave them to her but I guess if she took a walk, she would have to give them all back or pay him or something. Anyway, she has not walked and she has no plans too. They are still together and still very much in love. She says she made him spend all that money as her way of telling him and casting it in stone that she was his for life. She has no intention of paying him back for those jewels she joked! So far, she has 'earned' her 10th year present and they are going stronger by the day. They have one mutual commitment to each other - to spoil each other rotten every chance they get. Now tell me you are not charmed by that story. Well, I am. I am very charmed.

As far, as I am concerned, THAT is the kind of pre-nuptial agreement people should  be having. Not ones were we plan to fail. Where we anticipate the marriage going bust and agree how to share the booty. But agreements between man and woman where from the get go, there is only one mutual objective - To win. To marry and stay married. I know, I am your superlative cheesy romantic but what can I say? I believe in love and Kasia and Brian have inspired me this week. I too want to spoil my mgm rotten every chance I get. I too want him to know that, for me, this is for life. Our marriage has no exit clause barring death. Thanks to this warm and loving couple, I am even more confident of my future with my mgm. Come what may, our future is forever.........the best is yet to come.

I wonder........perhaps I can get my mgm to buy me my 20th, 25th and 30th wedding anniversary presents now............*smiling*

Dear reader-mine, I wish you Love and plenty of it..

Bon weekend!


  1. Now this is something. I like the mindset. They came with the mentality of 'there are no other options'.


    1. Exactly ilola.....I have always wondered why if a couple are in love enough to marry, they still sit down to agree how to split assets when the marriage goes bust..It's like you go in planning to fall out of love.....I know there is a lot of money involved and some spouses are just greedy and evil but maybe its me but it is almost like jinxing the whole process..Anyway, it is the world we live in I guess but I still wish more of us go into marriage (after choosing, God help us, the right person) with this same mindset.....How now? How far with the book. Available in Nigeria now?

  2. Wow! What can I say? Beautiful! Desperate times deserve desperate moves. If people make the choice to make things work, it will work. There is hope for marriage. There is hope that love can last. There is hope that all things are possible.

    Keep writing DNW.


    1. Welcome to my world Coach Jasper! Indeed, it is a CHOICE. I have realised that nothing 'just happens' to us. Many of the good things God wants us to have depend on the CHOICES we make.....

      Thank you for coming by! And thank you for your encouraging words.


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