Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Moms, Dads, I Take God Beg Una!

This is a DNW Public Service Announcement!

Please moms and dads living in Nigeria, I am confident that God did not bless you with those lovely children to have you one day watch them turn into human missiles as they fly through the windscreen of your car! What are you talking about DNW? How can that happen? It is not my portion? I reject it? No problem. Please reject it with all your might BUT while you are rejecting it please do me a favour – Make sure you strap your kids (especially the under fives) in before you move that car!

Haba! Kilode now? You guys go abroad now. Tell me daddy, when you are driving in the States for instance, would you dare have your young son sitting in the front with you talk less of standing playing with his toy plane on the dashboard of the car! Tell me, mommy, could you sit in the front of a car with your baby on your laps? Then why do you do this at home?

I just do not get it! I cannot tell you how many times I have had to intervene when I drive by a car in which I can see some young innocent child bouncing up and down joyfully on the back seat looking so cute and happy. But I am always aware that, in the blink of an eye, that image can change especially in this mad Lagos we live in where people drive like they are on some cheap and cheerful drug. All it needs is a sudden, sharp stop and off goes the human missile! How many times have you heard of people dying in crashes because they did not have their seat belts on? Countless I am sure. So why on earth can we not just do the right thing mommies and daddies, uncles and aunties, nanas and grandpas, in short anyone who transports children from point A to B in a vehicle? *bashing my head against a wall in frustration*

*exhaling* OK, true, we are all guilty but we can all choose to stop this now.

  1. Keep your under-fives in the back and strapped in. I know, they will cry as one angry mom told a colleague of mine when he pulled her over. I say, let them cry. Last time I checked, you cannot die from crying. Give them fun stuff to do so they will want to sit still.

  1. Stop driving and breast-feeding your baby mommy (I have seen it o!). Stop driving with your son in your lap daddy. Yes, I know it makes you look like a cool daddy and yes, he loves it. I assure you he will not love it if something goes madly wrong. Plus, trust me; then, you will not look so cool. 
      3. Warn your drivers and nannies, the car must not move until everyone is safely strapped in.   
           Where I work, the drivers are trained not to even start the engine until your seat belt is 

  1. Don’t overload your car with other people’s children! If you are planning a kiddie’s outing, please plan to have adequate transport. Each child must be strapped in.
  1. Make a fuss in your children’s schools. The school buses must have seat-belts and the driver must not move till all the kids are safely strapped in.
 Why am I shouting about this matter today? I just saw a truly horrible photo and no, I shall not share it here. Trust me, if you see it, you will be shouting too. But no need to shout, just change and please share this message with as many people as you can.

I take God beg una, our children need us grown-ups to begin making the right decisions about these little big things.

So that they may live to be our future.

P. S. Next PSA around, I am coming after all you wanna be suiciders/ involuntarily man-slaughterers a.k.a people who text while they drive!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is a very important announcement and shouldnt be taken lightly at all. I had a bad experience once when I didnt strap my son in, and the silly excuse I gave was that I was just going to the end of the block to my mom's place, I ended up in the emergency room and it wasnt funny at all. Kids should be strapped in their car seats. Under 12 should not be allowed to sit down in front of the car. Driving while carrying your baby is not cool, rather it is a sign that you are irresponsible.

  2. Kai, you are definitely not finding it funny with us this time o. I have noted your 'instructions'. I will be sure to heed them when I have my kids.


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