Sunday, 20 May 2012

Courage Is Fear...... and Two Other Quotes

This is a perfect day to keep it short and simple. I am missing my family. The lunch here was so horrible and being as I was starving, that really ticked me off. The Internet connection is haunted plus I forgot my power pack so need to conserve laptop power PLUS I just think the three quotes I am about to share so do not need any embellishment.

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. This first quote I heard from the weirdest of sources: Steve Tyler on the American Idol show. I tell you, not sure what shocked me more, hearing him say the words or how much the words hit home for me.

We judge ourselves by our intentions. People judge us by our behaivours. Being as I am still hungry I cannot remember where I read or heard this right now but is it not just the most profound of all truths? So be careful how you treat people, what you do to, for, against them. Your actions, as we all know speak louder than what you say.

And  my personal favourite, The beauty of life is doing what you really love to do and still make a difference. This made me smile inside cos it is exactly how I feel about my blogging and my books.  I know I love to do them and it is my hope that somehow, even the zaniest, most random of my blogs does something for someone, somewhere. Even if it just makes that person smile or simply 'take another stab at life'.

*exhaling* I am just terrible at not embellishing, am I not? Lol! I know, give me a keypad and I will give you an epistle! Oh well! Happy Sunday People, think on these quotes. I don't know exactly how but I think they will help us all overcome some stuff. Somehow......

 Have an awesome, God ordained week people!

P. S. I have updated the 'Russian Ballerina' blog with photos of the real 'Kasia' and 'Brian'. Check them out!  Lovely!


  1. I am still trying to understand the first quote. How does courage that has said its prayers equate with fear?

    Forgive me for being slow this time

    1. Lol! Ilola, fear not, you are not slow...I think it is actually the other way round. Courage is Fear that has said its you grab abi?

      Thanks dia, I shall amend it pronto.....

  2. i've heard that quote on fear before. Was Steve Tyler the one who created it, that would really shock me.

    1. I don't know if he coined it but I heard it from him first......Thanks for coming by Kafo!

  3. Quote 3 is so true, find yourself in that place and you sure can mark your spot on the list of the happiest people on earth. And the beauty is, it doesnt have to be something big, and you dont have to be a famous star to be in this place :)

  4. Exactly. Not everybody's purpose is some grand thing. However everyone of us can impact a life positively and to that one person, it will be grand. Thanks Jhazmyn!

  5. I LOVE the first quote, just tweeted it sef. I also appreciate the 'short and simple' post, sometimes that's all it takes to drive a point home. The last couple of weeks have been really hard for me and i seem to be blanking out long writings but this made alot of sense and spoke to me. God bless you for sharing!


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