Monday, 7 May 2012

Behold! The 2011 Diary Cover!

Yes, finally! Behold the cover of The Diary of the Desperate Naija Woman in the year 2011!  And glory to God above, I am very pleased with it. I cannot brag on God enough for making the three Diaries and Pride Must Die! possible. Like I have said over and over again, I never saw publishing a book as part of my destiny. Never. If you had asked me at any age what I saw in my future, it would have never been that I would have published a book talk less of four. It just shows that God is God all by himself in our lives. We just have to be connected to him, trust him, share our dreams with him and then just let him carry go! His plans for us will more often than not, take our breath away. At least that has been my experience.

Anyway, I am so excited to share this cover with you all. It thrills me on so many different levels:
Level 1:  It is the first time I am having a true blue Nigerian woman on the cover!

Level 2:  The true blue Nigerian woman on the cover is my one and my only sister-child! My own dear Aburo, Mrs. Gaska! How cool is that? It just makes my heart smile.  Those who know my history will understand this. Sola is not just my sister, she is my child.
Level 3:  I love how Sola somehow worked green into the picture. I am sure it was accidental but it just works cos it pays homage to my country Nigeria. You cannot but look at the cover and not think green-white-green. And as for the dress? Absolutely spot on for the book. The patchwork symbolises the fabric of my life, a veritable kaleidoscope of colours, experiences and emotions!
Level 4: It is so different from the other covers. Not so refined looking. Not so 'touche'. There is some sort of ethnic vibe going on. Some rawness. The gele is not picture perfect.  I just adore that cos God knows that neither Sola nor I could tie gele to save our lives. Lol! I fear she is even better than me right now.
Level 5: This edition of the Diary will be peppered with pictures! So if you ever attended any of my book readings, you just might be in the book! The mere thought just makes me jump up and down with excitement. Being able to, in some way, make this edition a personal souvenir for those who have stood by me is just so precious.  I actually wanted to feature all the DDNW Hall of Fame pictures as well but that idea died a natural death when I found out how much the additional pictures would cost to include. Lol! I plan to include them in the next book though as my way of thanking all those who bought the book and sent me pictures of themselves holding on to their copy.  
Level 6: I kept my promise to the ladies that sent me entries for the Face of 2011 Diary contest. Their pictures are featured in this edition. I just love it! Did you send me a picture? Check yourself out!

Level 7:  While all the other reasons above just make me shiver with excitement, I have something in this particular Diary that just seals the deal on it being super special to me. What is it? Not gonna tell you! *grinning mischievously* When the book hits the stands, go get your own copy and check it out. You tell me if you can guess what that one thing is that makes this one my ‘Joseph’ Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman
By the grace of God, the book should be out online by the end of this month or early June and once it hits bookstores in Nigeria, I will surely let you all know via this blog. For now, you can do two things for me. One, you can share this cover on all your platforms - FB, Twitter, etc. I leave you to come up with the text of your hype. Lol! And two, if for some reason I cannot undertand you have not read any of the other Diaries you can make amends today by going out to order one now now. They are available at Laterna, Quintessence and TerraKulture and on line of course. I can only thank you. God will reward you.

This morning was going very well and then bam, 'nasty' struck. Nasty is not a person. It is a force, an evil force that strikes each time I let my voice speak. I wish I could say I am used to it by now but I am not. But with each blow it strikes I understand it a little more. I understand that I have to rely on God more than I did yesterday. The devil hates me. Always has. Always will. Why? Because there is a King in me and the King has given me a voice and  that voice MUST speak. Regardless.

My dear one reading these words right now? Same goes for you. No matter what, don't let anything mute your God-given Voice.


  1. Awwww, congrats. The picture is unique. I was actually thinking of Nigeria immediately I saw the cover

  2. Way to go sis!!! I love this cover, (shame it's not me...I can still see the concept of the picture I wanted to involved me wearing ankara, and there would definitley have been green in the background ...all other details are for keeps!)so I am very pleased with aunty Sola for getting it down pat! Now THIS is the true Naija dairy, with all its perfect'imperfections.'...way to go!!!
    I cant wait o.

  3. Congratulations sis B. I look forward to the new book.

    1. Thanks Pamela. Appreciate it. Once it hits, I will let you know.

  4. Awesome! CONGRATULATIONS!!! EXCITED!!! :-) Stay blessed ma!!


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