Thursday, 12 April 2012

Why Do People Hiss?

As a child, I could never understand the crazy sounds my mom and her sisters would make whenever they talked (a.k.a gossipped). I was not really meant to be listening but I was even though I pretended to be totally engrossed in the toy car my brother had made for me out of empty St. Louis sugar boxes and peak milk cans (yes, at some point in my childhood, I got tired of playing with dolls and twirling batons! Lol!) Anyway, back to the hissing matter. What on earth is it all about?

I mean, I know I do it too from time to time but I don’t know how to do it well. Some people are experts at it. They have even come up with new ways of letting out these long, slow hisses that linger with you minutes after it hits you. Lol! Personally, I am still trying to figure out how to get just the right emotion into it. I mean how do you differentiate the ‘I am mad at you’ hiss from the ‘I don’t have your time’ hiss? Or how do I put the right amount of venom in a hiss to make sure that you get the fact that you are just wasting my time? As opposed to the light hiss that communicates being tired or not knowing what to do? OK, sounds hilarious right but to be honest I am not laughing cos someone just hissed at me. It jarred me to my very bones. What did I do? I had absolutely no idea.

I have been sitting here wondering what on earth the hiss meant! Was it some exam to see how much of a big fat zero I am becoming? Or was I being hissed at to see if I am still hanging ‘dead’ and crucified on my Cross? Or maybe, the ‘hisser’ just wanted to inform me of my relegation to the bottom of the human and/or professional league-table? I don’t really know and to be honest, as I type these words, I am making up my mind not to care either. The good news is I held myself back a little. Had I listened to my first ungodly instincts, it would not have been pretty. I am happy I did not. I did not hold my peace totally as I would have loved to BUT I did not ‘spark’ as volcanically as I would have under another dispensation. That can only be the Holy Spirit plus to be bare bone honest? I have no more energy to waste on the devil.

For I have come to realise that when the devil moves, through people we know, he also fools us into taking our eyes off him and his evil deeds/plans. I tell you, the people in our lives that mess with us are NOT the enemy. Satan is. So said person can hiss all s/he wants, I know who my real enemy is and more importantly, I know who my Defender is and I never read anywhere about a time when Jesus Christ hissed back at anyone (not even the devil!). So henceforth, I shall be training myself not to kiss my teeth at anyone no matter how much they deserve it 

Because truth be told, only snakes and other reptilian creatures make such noises. And the devil is always portrayed as what animal? Yep! You got that right. A snake.

Think about that the next time you have the urge to hiss.


  1. Lol!!! My Pastor Tony Rapu would love this blog...he always, always says he never understands why Nigerians hiss! Hiss about everything!

    1. I know.....if you think about it, we have a hiss for everything, every negative situation has its own hiss. Na wa!

  2. Rotflmho! you won't believe how hard i was laughing at the first part of that post. I know that hissing is respectful and i can't remember the last time i hissed at anyone but i subconsciously know how to give the appropriate hiss for any emotion or situation when gisting with my naija friends or family on the phone.

    You have a point though, thinking of the fact that only snakes hiss and the devil is always portrayed as one kind of gives me the creeps.

    Thank God for the grace to be graceful and i pray He keeps blessing you with the wisdom to listen to him

    1. Really? But you are not even Nigerian? How did you pick up that skill? Lol! I know, and I absolutely, positively do NOT like snakes (= I hate snakes!) so anything that would link me to them has gat to go! Nice to 'see' you Dosh! Thanks for coming by!


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