Tuesday, 17 April 2012

So, Here Is The Thing

So what do I mean by the ‘this is that last Diary’ I have been throwing out carelessly (as one friend put it) Lol! Well, here is the thing. After much thought towards the end of last year, I decided that the 2011 Diary was going to be the ‘full stop’ in that series of DNW blogs to book. It had been so much fun doing all three of them BUT I was, to be honest with you ‘bored’. I mean, if I was bored writing about my life, what must you be feeling having to read it all? Lovl!

You see, I have the habit of going back to my 2009 and 2010 Diaries and reading up what was going on in my life on so and so day in the years before. Mehn! What a life! Such drama! Such highs and such crashing lows! And all sorts in between. Goodness! My blogs have taught me so much and one of the biggest lessons is that life is just one long continuum of events and depending on what the event is, we are either happy or sad; exhilarated or downcast; victorious or defeated; laughing or crying; angry or calm; serene or agitated; fulfilled or frustrated. In short, Life is just one wild rollercoaster of different emotions and in my Diaries; I believe you have seen me go through almost ALL of them and so by the time this year comes to a close you all would have earned a nice break from ‘The Diaries of the DNW’. At least in book form.

This blog will always be here though so you will still be very welcome to come chill with me from time to time but after the 2011 Diary I will be moving on to publishing something different in the future by God’s grace. Not sure yet exactly what it will be but it must be writing inspired by the new name God gave me at the beginning of 2012 – Salt. Whatever I write must add flavour. It must in any little way possible, ‘season’ lives. Blogging or writing for me must have purpose and for me ’purpose’ broken down to its simplest form simply means affecting someone positively. Whatever it is you believe is your purpose in life (apart from walking and being one with God) if it does not add value, even just a teeny bit to some other human life, it is, with all due respect, quite pointless. It has no real value. It will leave no legacy for you. Anyway, that is just me thinking…….

One thing excites me though. I do know that I will be exploring my ‘fable-style’ of writing more. Remember, those my blogs that always start off with ‘Once Upon A…. I love those a lot. They remind me of those Aesop Fables we read when we were younger. Yes, there you have it in a (big) nutshell. Come, 2013, yours truly shall be launching out into the terrain of ‘inspirational story-telling’ done the only way I know how - The  DNW-style-ly.

And that my people, is ‘The Thing’.

P. S. Err……..Dear ‘You know yourself’. Hope all is well between us now oh? I have explained myself. Lol! Thank you though for caring that much!


  1. All the best...


  2. Ok. I am not sure I completely understand. I know this is your last Diary, but shebi you will still be blogging on this platform?

    1. Yes, ilola, I will still be blogging. Blogging is sort of like the place I go to to air my head. Not blogging will lead to all sorts of issues for my equilibrium. Lol!

  3. Hmmmmm. Time to move on to other things in life, I look forward to their unfolding. Du courage

    1. Exactement......New frontiers....Merci cherie.

  4. This looked like some sort of closure on something. If its not the closure of the blog, then what its for? Are you changing the way you blog as from now on?

    1. Hmmmm.....An astute one are you, Afronuts? *smiling impishly*. You know what? I am not even sure what but it does feel like some form of closure. But one thing is sure, I will not be changing the way I blog cos that would be changing who I am and that is just not possible.......happily. Lol! Thanks for coming by Afronuts. Appreciate it.


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