Saturday, 14 April 2012

Priceless, Just Priceless!

I saw the cover of the 2011 Diary today for the first time and I was just overjoyed. It made me happy on so many levels and I just brag on God for the special lady who so elegantly graces the cover! Yes! I did find my cover girl after all and she makes my book cover look priceless. Just priceless. I cannot think of a better person to be on the cover of this my last Diary.When do you  get to see it? Soon, I promise. And I hope when I share it, you help make it go viral by splashing the cover on your blogs and Facebook pages so people are waiting to buy it as soon as it hits the stands.You will? Thank you so much. That makes you priceless too. *grinning*

Do you know what else is priceless? A priceless read? Pastor Nkoyo Rapu's book, The Gilded Cage. I know I have said so before but it is such a comforting book, I have to say it again. It's available online and for us who live here in Lagos, go get a copy at Laterna Bookshop in Victoria Island or Patabah' in Surulere.If there is one thing this book gives me, it is hope and my people, hope in the times we are living in is, yes, you guessed it - Priceless.

Pastor Rapu is different somehow. Whenever I am in her company, I feel watched over. Cared for somehow. I have been in her company twice so you know someone is different if she leaves this sort of impression on you in that short a time. Both times, she tried over and over to smother me - in a good way - with attention and food! In fact, the second time, I left her office with half of her sandwich and a stack of Cds. Messages that I still listen to today. Her writing gives me the same feeling. Like a mother or older sister trying to hug you and make you feel better regardless of the situation you might be facing. For me, not having either - mom or older sister, its just priceless. So I brag on God for Pastor Nkoyo Rapu and I encourage you all to go get a copy of her book.You will, won't you? Yes? Awesome! Thank you! That's just priceless!

You know what else is priceless? Peace of mind. I speak it to you now dear one. I speak the peace that comes from God into your life right now. In Jesus name. Amen!

And remember, this peace is not the absence of stress or trouble. No, it is better than that. It is the presence of divine power right there by your side. The kind that allows you sleep even when the wind howls. 



  1. Priceless LOL
    I'm not really big on books writing by Nigerian, not because they of their quality but just because of my limited exposure

    will check it out

  2. Ok, DNW, however did I miss this post?!
    I am emailing it to her right away! *big grin.
    Anf your description of her? GBAM.

    1. Lol! You just saw this? I know abi, she is something else. Different in a soothing way.


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