Saturday, 7 April 2012

Prawns & Hades

I made the best tasting prawns in a red and green pepper chilli sauce yesterday and I am not bragging but the photo you are looking at only looks half as good as mine tasted. Lol!

No, seriously, cross my heart, they were good. I am only just telling you what my mgm told me. I cannot lie. He was right. This sauce on a bed of the fluffiest, buttery-est, rice you have ever had was just heaven on a plate. If you have been coming here long enough, you will know that I am a Foodie. I love food. My favourite past time is watching the Food Channel like I was about to sit the London G.C.E exam on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Yes, I like food especially if someone else is cooking it. After 15 years of cooking my Afang and ekpan kukwo myself I finally managed to convince my dear mgm to let me get a cook. He agreed IF I could find someone who could cook decent stew and edible Akwa-ibom food. After many trials and errors, I found Ms. Lovette who is quite a Godsend to be honest. So Ms. Lovette cooks and once in a while, I concoct and yesterday, I concocted the most delicious prawns ever. They were, as Ferris Buelher* would say, 'quite choice'. I advise you call Pennies Frozen Foods for your home delivery of prawns and/or any sort of frozen food. Anuli will hook you up. She sells the freshest stuff ever - beef, fish, chicken, snails, goat meat and of course prawns! The best bit about Anuli's home delivery service, for me, is the neat, free from dripping bloody water, packaging plus she is cost effective. Don't believe me, just call 0802 318 8185 if you live in Lagos and see if a trial will not convince you.

I was just wondering today how Christ must have felt when he woke up in the tomb and realized that he still had to go down to Hades to collect the keys of death from the devil. As far as I understand it, this was his next assignment after he rose and he had to do it before he ascended into heaven to be united once more with God. I wonder if he was tired or excited or fed up or exhilarated or maybe even just a little scared. We will never know but whatever he felt as he sat up on that rocky grave bed and unwrapped the burial linen from around his face and body, folding and placing it neatly at the foot of the bed, he knew his job was not done so he got up. He took the next steps towards fulfilling his purpose, his destiny. I believe you and I must do the same. Like Christ, the journey to the grave was not a piece of cake. In fact, yesterday was the worst day of his life if you ask me. Still, he carried on. He forged forward just as we must do in this life we are living regardless of how hard it has been till this moment. And you know what the best bit is? Thanks to Christ, and all he did in this season, we can go about this assured of success and victory. Because he died and rose again and lives forever more, we CAN do this Life thing. Yes, we can!

Sorry, excuse me? What does the prawn story have to do with the Jesus going down to Hades story? Err.....nothing really but I never told you they were connected, did I? Lol! Just me being my random self today. And sorry, NO, I am not putting a photo of Hades on my blog!

Happy Easter people!

* Ferris Buelher is the name of the lead character in the movie ''Ferris Beulher's Day Off'' played by Matthew Broderick, a movie everyone should watch at least 10 times. It is hilarious and leaves you feeling good.



  1. Hmm, never actually thought of that you know, i guess in my unthinking state I just believed he got up, stormed hades and flew up into the heavens just like that...:), now u've got me wondering too.

    Wud definitely give Anuli a call. See free advertising

    1. Lol! My dear, its all about sista on sista support o!

      I know, we tend to think of Jesus as some super star G but he was really just a man like you and I........ same feelings, fears, desires, etc. YET he lived his life blameless.... Thanks for coming by Jhazmyn!

  2. I always read the Diary in my email. I subscribed a while back.

    1. Ayoka....a true sistapillar. The human force God used to kick off this whole DNW saga........


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