Tuesday, 24 April 2012

No One Wants To Walk Alone

No one wants to walk alone
I don't. Do you?
The only place where being alone rocks is probably in the womb
Or maybe in the tomb
I don't mind being by myself sometimes to be honest
But that's just because when I choose to open my eyes, to let someone in
There's you
For no one wants to walk alone

I hate it. Don't you?
The feeling of being all alone in the midst of a crowd
How come? Cos you look around and all the faces you see
Are not the face of the being you so want to be
On your side no matter what cos the truth is
That is how you would be were it you
For no one wants to walk alone

It sucks. Don't you agree?
The overwhelming desire to have some human be 'your person'
You want them to 'get you', to know what you mean without you speaking a word
Do such people even exist? Tell me, soul mates? Are they for real?
To be honest, I think we have got it all twisted cos there is no such person.
Only God gets us that well and only God could still love us in spite of what he knows
Still, I wish it were possible for you to get me, my love
For no one wants to walk alone.

But I look in your eyes sometimes and I hear what you say.
I read my Bible and God whispers again
I will never leave you. I have never forsaken  you.
And my dear child, neither has s/he.
Trust me, my darling.
You have never walked alone
For I have been with you
And so has s/he.
Your one true love
As ordained by me.
Hold on to him/her
For no one should walk alone.
According to me.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes, it feels like I am alone. But by faith, I know that God is with me.

    P.S: I am still waiting for the woman's mail, she hasn't replied me. Thanks


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