Sunday, 22 April 2012

Life is Beautiful. Regardless

I can't explain it but there is something zany-ily therapeutic about sitting by a swimming pool, cool soothing breeze kissing your neck and cheeks as you watch your progeny splash around in chlorine blue water. Maybe its the fact that for forty minutes to one hour your mind blocks out all else to focus on watching said progeny like a hawk which  sort of calms you down somehow. In real life, outside of the club, a thousand and one thoughts scramble for attention but here by the pool, only one thought rules. I am a mother and my child is swimming. I must watch him. Simple.

To be honest, I cannot explain it. I just find that anytime I go swimming with my children, my world feels alright. It's a nice centring feeling. Yesterday, as I heard my son laughing and having so much fun, I could not imagine what else could be more important than being at that club right then, doing just that. Doing nothing yet being plenty. Being a mom. A parent. Once upon a time, I would be watching three children but even as I missed the older two, I gave thanks to God for the reasons for which they were absent. They have both grown up and flown away so to speak. One to college and the other to an age where being female at a certain time of the month prevents such aquatic activities (TMI, I know! Lol! She will give me one of those her looks if and when she reads this.)

Yes, God has kept them both from being cells in my belly to the two happy, smart, well adjusted teens they are today in spite of having me for a mother! Lol! True, sometime I am not sure if I am going or coming with this motherhood thing but I am quite alright with that cos 'Mo ni Jesu ni Baba! Yes, God is my father and theirs too for that matter so no shaking. That is why they are and will ever be OK. 

This is why, as I sat up looking to pick out my last born son's ''yellow'' face in the midst of the cool blue water, I whispered a prayer of thanks to my PapaGod for being so wonderfully faithful to me. As I sat there, I realised that I did have so much to be thankful for.  You know, the things that give me the most fulfilment today are ''free''. I mean, I am no better, no wiser, no holier than the other woman out there who is still trusting God for a good man and children. My educational background is probably not as ''sparkly'' as that as that lady my age who is still making do with a job that barely meets her needs. I know for sure that there are people out there with more drive, more ambition and keener 'hunger' in their bellies than I have ever had. So what gives? What did I do to merit what I have today or where I am? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. God, in his infinite mercies, just 'dashed' me basically. My life is free to me cos Christ paid for it  in full.

So though I may not have it all I am content in my NOW while I look forward to my tomorrow however God has planned it to  be. If God took the time and pains to buy a life for me, I trust that, he being good and he being excellent (and looking at his track record in my life so far), what ever my future brings will be good and excellent. For me. So, as my mgm joined our son in the pool to his great delight and my great relief, I sat back in my chair, raised my legs up on another chair, let out a long and deep cleansing exhale of carbon dioxide and thanked God again for oxygen and for my life. 

For my life is indeed Beautiful. Regardless.

And so, my dear one, is yours.

P. S. I recommend swimming pool therapy to all moms and dads. There is something about that big blue pool that makes you forget about yourself and focus on what matters......I wish I could explain it........Just try it and see.

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  1. Thank God for his mercies and Grace.
    P.S: I sent you a mail at Still expecting a reply. Thanks


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