Saturday, 28 April 2012

Just Trust The Author

A long time ago, way before I started blogging, I began writing a book. It is titled 'The Life That Lives Beneath'. I am talking over 10 years ago and this book is not done and to be honest I am not sure if it will ever be done or published. Once or twice, I have given the manuscript to trusted people to read and they more or less always had nice things to say and I agree with them. The story is quite compelling and personally, every time I read it over myself, I have to say I like it more and more. It is a good read even if I do say so myself *grinning sheepishly*

So what is my problem then? How come I have not been able to sit down and finish this story? How come each time, my dear friend and sister, Laminara, who is at the centre of the story, comes knocking on the door of my mind, wanting to know what's up, I just tell her to chill I beg. I don't blame her really, she too wants to know where her life is going cos she is tired of being in chapter 5 of her life since the last time I did some more writing. The poor woman is basically living in the pause mode in a not so pleasant scene right now! So sad really but the truth is I am stumped. Yep, for this my book, unlike my blogs, I have a bloc of sorts. It's not that I don't know in which direction I want Laminara's life to go. I do know. I just have three paths to choose from and am not sure which one I really want! Which one will bring out life's lessons more? Which path will get the reader sitting at the edge of his/her seat more? Which path will inspire/encourage/lead to the light more? You see, I am only a human author. I cannot see into the future. I do not know the end from the beginning. I cannot make up my mind. This is why my poor literary creation has been hanging in limbo for over 10 years now. 

Aren't you glad that Almighty God, the Author of your life has no such issues? 

God knows exactly where he is taking you, why and when. I don't know about you but this singular thought stills my rattled mind at times like these when, like Laminara, I feel I too am in sort of crazy limbo between being in a good place, moving forward and standing still in the claws of insomnia and nightmares! I have to forcefully drag myself back to remember that my God is a creative writer and even though I may not understand the sequences he chooses sometimes that I have to trust his insights and creativity. Yes, I have to trust him and be rest assured that he always knows what he is doing with me, for me, in me and through me. It is hard but when those feelings come, I shrink myself back to a big fat zero* and let it all go for God to carry go! 

I think for me, the main differentiator is that unlike we human authors, God is not writing to appeal to any one nor is he trying to win the Pulitzer, he is writing the stories of our lives to give us our best lives for our nows and for all the future nows to come. And even more important, he writes our stories to glorify his name and show the people around us that though he is indeed a Holy, Sovereign and Almighty God he is also an unbelievably merciful and loving Father. So *exhaling* being the creation in the hands of an awesome Author like my PapaGod, I guess I don't always have to see or flow smoothly with the whole manuscript.

I just have to trust the Author.  

And, dear one reading this right now, so do you.

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  1. Thank God for God!!!! What i love most about him is his knowing the end even from the beginning, he never gets stuck... that's why he'll call Abraham the father of nations even before he could imagine it possible to have a child. He's so faithful.

    and about your book... i'm sure when the time is right, you wouldn't have the struggles to complete, you'll find yourself scribbling one day and you'll be led accordingly in the best path it should take.

    1. Abraham and Sarah's story is just one of my fav bible stories on faith. From beginning! Thanks FQ for coming by and I hope you are right......Amen dear! Amen!

  2. I will really love to read the completed book. Really love it.

    Thank God that the author of my life knows all, even when I rock in worry.

    1. *smiling* We shall see o!

      Yes we do rock with worry a lot don't we? May God help us to lean on him more and more. Instead of rocking with worry, let's lean on The Rock!


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