Thursday, 5 April 2012

Die Some More

Being a big fat zero is so hard. I mean when your driver does something that just boggles your mind, the words are just fighting, at top speed, to come out of your mouth! You find yourself zooming back to the wrong side of the axis as your mind tells you that surely he NEEDS to hear how crazy what he just did was and how if he has a death wish, he should carry it ‘forward’. He can kill himself on his own time and in his own car! Yes o! So tell me, with all these infuriating people in our lives, how do we continue this our quest for the big fat zero life? It's simple really and we all know the answer:

We have just got to die some more.

Dead people don’t react to people no matter how mad they are. But Lord knows it is hard. I have talked about this many times before and to be honest I have a feeling it is something all Christians trying to walk the talk face every day so it will never go away. Our dead, crucified bodies just refuse to stay on the Cross. And today as we prepare to remember that ‘horrible’ yet awesome day called Good Friday, I think it makes sense that this is what is on my mind. Cos tell me, where would we be had Christ refused to stay nailed to the Cross? I mean what if he too had given in to the devil’s temptations and turned the rocks into bread? Or lost his temper with all those people shouting rude things at him as he hung horribly separated from his father because of their own sin? You and I both know that he could have vexed and zapped them all to ‘kingdom come’ had he wanted to but no, he did not. He chose obedience to God.

He chose to die some more.

Why don’t we? Why must we always come down from the Cross? What kind of dead people are we really? Don’t we find this crazy living in limbo - neither here nor there, not really flesh but not fully spirit either - dissatisfying to say the least? I know I do. And I keep reminding myself over and over that Christ was not divine while he was here on earth. He was just an ordinary human being like you and I. No special powers. He had the same feelings and emotions we have. He had no supernatural ability that made him feel pain less than you and I. So how come he was able to bear all that emotional stress and physical pain? How come he did not fly off the handle at the slightest provocation? How was he able to live a life so totally obedient to God?

I think it is because each day that he got up; he was led solely by the Holy Spirit. And the Spirit of God kills stuff. So if we are not dying daily, then the Holy Spirit is not really (or fully) at work in us as the ‘slayer of our flesh’. This season is a good time to think about this and make some changes in the way we are living our lives. Like I have said before, I firmly believe that God is set to do new things in all our lives but somehow I am not sure this will be true if our flesh is still alive and well, ruling over us. To walk into the awesome place God is preparing for us, you and I have got to call ourselves into a conference. Sit ourselves down and tell ourselves that, from today onwards…

We are going to die some more.

P. S. I know it has become a clich̩ of sorts but I find that sincerely answering the question Рwhat would Jesus do? Рactually works. I wish I can say that I always go with the answer but I can say that I am going to try more from now on.

P. S (part 2). I love Dr. Okey Onuzo and he says that your gratitude is not enough if it does not motivate you to live a life of loyalty to God. If you are truly filled with gratitude to God, you will be committed to loving and obeying him fully. So the question is: Are you truly grateful to God for all he has done for you? Selah.

Jesus Christ stayed on his Cross
Stay on yours.

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