Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Be Excited. Regardless

I shall be excited. Regardless.

Call me stubborn, call me blind, call me whatever you want to call me, I am sticking to my guns about this. This is the season, the most holy season when God becomes an ant to save us stubborn little ants from the fiery furnace we are so intent on diving into. Imagine that? A most mighty God turns himself into a most tiny ant to save a most undeserving specie from eternal destruction. The thought baffles me and excites me in equal proportions. It baffles me cos being that big, I wonder how God even sees us. He must have to stoop really low. It excites me cos it underscores for me that I am valuable. Yes, I might be an ant but I am worth it. And as long as there is a Good Friday and an Easter Sunday, I cannot forget it. At least, in this season, I must be excited. Regardless.

I mean, God valued us so much that he gave up the one thing he cherished the most to save our lives. Tell me, which of your friends do you love so much that you will sacrifice one of your children for? I can tell you now for free or for a small fee, that as much as I love some of my sistafriends, I am NOT killing my child for any of them! So when you have a very mighty someone, an All-powerful  someone who could have chosen to save me in a variety of other ways (like turning angel Gabriel into a human being instead of giving up his own divinity) CHOOSE to love you THAT much, you ought to get a little excited. Regardless.

Christ died on the Cross to free us from so much. Be excited as you let go of them all now! Death! Grief! Failure! Fear! Sickness! Poverty! Shame! Curses! Bondage! Be gone from my life now in Jesus name! Amen! Christ died on the Cross to give us so much. Be excited as you claim them all now! Abundant Life! Joy! Success! Peace! Healing! Riches! Honour! Blessings! Freedom! Come on into my life now in Jesus name. Amen! People of God, I hope you just shouted those prayers out loud (if you did not, go back and do so o!) Our PapaGod processed a very serious transaction for us at Golgotha. What a wonderful love-filled exchange! This season, ask for a fresh manifestation of this divine trade by barter in your life. Christ's painful death must not be in vain in our lives. It just must not.

The truth is that what God did for you and I is truly the most beautiful, the most precious thing anyone could EVER do for us. Nothing says 'You are worth it' more. And much as we crave human validation, knowing that God validates us like this really should put a huge smile on your face and sweetness in your belly. What do you think? You agree, right?

Great! So go on, pop your collar and be excited!

Coming soon! The Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman in the Year 2011!
Spread the word as you continue to watch this space for updates!  Yes, were you reading my mind?That's is definitely one more reason to be excited. Lol!

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