Friday, 2 March 2012

Note To Self

Sometimes it is almost laughable how predictable the devil is. In my life for instance it is almost a sure thing and you can bet your last Naira on it that the moment I rave about God in any way shape or form, the enemy gets so mad, he just comes at me with all guns blazing. So, knowing this, the moment I clicked the last key of my last blog, I covered my testimony in the protective, force-field of Christ's blood and sealed the deal. What God is doing in my life is cast in stone. I said it and I believed it.

You do know however that the devil is stupid and so he will still try, He tried and he failed to steal my joy. I did falter a bit but then I rallied and did a note to self as follows:

1. Bola, remember you are the winner. The devil is the loser and the liar.
2. As long as you choose to praise God, be prepared for trouble but not afraid of it.
3. Do not be moved by subtle rumbles or little tremors. You know what God has done. Stand your ground!
4. Resist the urge to be impatient with the process. Fight irritation. Flee depression. Dispel anger.
5. Remember, all of it is going to work out for your eventual good. You don't have to 'get it'. Just trust God.
6. God does not think or act like human beings do. Don't expect human beings to act or think like He does.
7. Finally, remember, God is especially fond of you. Anytime you forget this, look around you, look behind you and count your blessings and see if they don't all spell out  ''God Loves Bola''

On that note (to self), I bid thee, dear reader, Happy Weekend! If this blog does not encourage you in anyway, forgive me. To make up for it, may I ask you to go get a copy of Nkoyo Rapu's Gilded Cage? It is a truly spirit-lifting read which will make up for my failures. Lol!  I am sure you can get copies from This Present House and I bet Laterna is selling copies too.


  1. This has encouraged me. thanks

    1. Thanks ilola. I just read it again and it blessed me too *smiling*
      Have a blessed weekend!


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