Saturday, 3 March 2012

Legally Adult

I love the sound of my children laughing out loud.  But I am sure all moms love the sound of their children laughing so there is nothing new about that at all. Do you now what is new? Do you know what has never happened to me before in my whole entire life? It is this:

I have never been the mother of an 18 year old!

I do not now how it happened but I brag on God with all my heart cos when the clock strikes one minute past midnight today, my first born son will be officially and legally an adult in many countries of the world! I can just hear him laughing now and rolling his eyes in mock horror at all my excitement over what to him is ''no big deal mom''. Who says so? In my mind and in the mind of any woman who has pushed forth a child into this world, striding that fine line between life and death (a.k.a labour), it is a very big deal!

Yes, my dear first born son, it is a humongous deal. To be your mom. It is a huge deal. For me and your Papa to have watched you grow up to be the young, funny, talented, caring, intelligent, focused  man you are today. It is a super important deal to me to be able to send my birthday wishes to you today. This morning, I was listening to one of my favourite CDs of all time - a compilation of awesome songs I got along with my December 2011 edition of Effectual magazine - and God gave me the  perfect words to send to you as you cross over from being a young boy to a man after God's own heart legally.

Happy Birthday Son! So you are legally adult now? Wow!
To God alone be all the glory!
As you rock your day my love, please remember this:
You come from royalty, an aristocratic dynasty
The goal of the enemy is to keep you from knowing/remembering who you are
Don't let him win. No matter what you face. No matter how challenging school or life gets
Stand your ground in the truth of who you are in Christ!
Always know that there is power when you speak so please be very mindful of the words you release
And even the thoughts you think
Anytime you feel under pressure, affirm yourself using the texts I sent you and God's word. 
Never give in to the lies of the devil!
My son, the King in me, your mom, comes to tell you today that
You were born to rule cos there is a King in you!

Yes, I can think of nothing better to sow into your life right now. Hide these truths deep in your heart. OK love? Happy Birthday from your Papa, your only sister, your only brother and me, your Mama! Happy Birthday my son! We love you so much! Glory to God! Our son and brother is legally adult! 


  1. Congrats to your son, my son was 8yrs old today so I still have 10years before he is legally
    God's blessings on both of them.

    1. Oh wow, they are birthday mates! Or do you mean he 5th? Well, they are month mates anyway. Happy Birthday to him. Indeed, God bless them both. May they continue to grow in the mind and stature of Jesus Christ. Amen! Thank you Ayaba.

  2. ℓ☺ℓ @ fine line between life and death. I just wrote a post in which I praised all women who have passed thru the birthing process. True it aint easy.
    I look forward to be a mother and to celebrate ma kids!
    Happpppiii birthday to your lovely son.

    1. Tamie, you ARE a mom already. In the spiritual. Amen oh! I tell you as hard as labour is, it is the easiest bit about being a mom......I tell you but for is so so emotionally draining.......but still the best role! Thanks for coming by!

  3. Congrats. More blessings to you

    1. Thanks ilola! God bless you some more my love!

  4. Aaaaawww... this is so sweet! I remember fighting with my mum way back and telling her to calm down while making plans for my 21st birthday party, you mothers are just something else from a different planet. But we still love you guys even though you give us reasons to doubt your sanity.

    May the Lord bless your son and keep him growing in the fear of Him, may the words and acts of wisdom and love you've planted in his heart never go to waste and may God bless the work of his hands as he learns to depend on himself.

    God bless you and your family

    1. Lol! I know! My teens have more or less given up on me! AMEN to your awesome prayer. Amen! and Amen! Thank you so much Dosh.


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