Sunday, 18 March 2012

If You Have A Womb, You ARE A 'Mother'

(I was going to blog a fresh blog today but in the back of my mind I remembered that what I wanted to say today, I had said before in a past blog. Why re-invent the wheel? So here, from my 2012 archives is my old blog with a new title sending a Happy Mothers day shout out to every woman out there. For me, as long as you have a womb -  physical/creative/intellectual, you are a 'mother'. So celebrate!)

As long as you are a woman, you are a mother by default. True, you might not have human kids yet but for sure God created you to 'birth'' something. Human or otherwise. Yes, our Creative God created you a woman with the capacity to bring forth ideas, change, passion, something!. Who says that thing has to cry and poop and bless us with gurgly smiles? No one! As women, we are able to bring forth so many, many things and as wonderful as children are, they are just one of those things!

So please, if you are reading all the mother' s day greetings thinking they don't apply to you cos you have not had the wonderful experience of sucking snot out of a young baby's nose or poking your finger in baby poop to check if its hard (cos if its not then why on earth is your 6th month old baby grunting like a goat when doing number 2!!!!) then please look yourself in the mirror and give yourself a nice smack in the face and then repeat after me:

I am a woman and so, as long as the Lord lives, I am a mother too. By divine design, I have a womb, it is both physical, creative and intellectual, and at God's beautiful time, all my wombs will bear fruit. Shikena! So, praise God Almighty, today is about me too. Yes, it is! I am a mother too. Yes I am! I have and I will give birth to all the babies I desire in accordance with God's will in Jesus name. I too, will by God's grace begin and or continue to nurture all the ''children'' God sends my way! Amen!

Come on! Say a louder Amen!

Yes, dear woman of God, whatever your age, or status or current reality, you are a Mother so Happy Mother's day to you! From me to you from the bottom of my heart, love you but you know who loves you more! I pray that you 'mother' all that God has destined for you to bring forth. That you will  take care of, love and nurture all the ''kids'' you have in your life time. Not only are you a mother, you are a Deborah! You must, from this minute ARISE as a mother in Nigeria and do all you can in your little corner of this earth to make God smile.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!
P. S. Just to me you chuckle a bit.....does this sound familiar?


  1. Happy Mothers day in arrears

  2. Happy Mother's day to you too dearrie. You may never know how much your blog blesses me as I am reminded that God is madly in love with me. I know He is turning things for me. God bless you, real good!

    1. That he is. God is crazy in love with you Bernnie! Just you wait and see. You shall testify in Jesus name. Amen!

  3. Oh! That's so cool! "By divine design, I have a womb, it is both physical, creative and intellectual, and at God's beautiful time, all my wombs will bear fruit". I receive the fullness of that revelation in Jesus name.

    1. Yes you do Anonymous! And even though I'm just seeing this two years later the truth remains the same.


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