Thursday, 8 March 2012

I Just Know Too Much

You know you have one fine CD of music when each song on it and I mean literally each one inspires a blog from your heart. I am not kidding, I already had a blog prepared in my head titled ‘Playing the Background’ and was going to work on getting it posted when this blog bubbled up in my heart this morning as I listened to my CD at work. 

The words of the song struck a fresh cord with me as it reminded me that I have come too far with God to begin to doubt him now. Yes, it’s true that I don’t know a whole lot about many things. Yes, it is true that I have spent hours wondering when the light at the end of the tunnel will shine on me with full current rather than this PHCN-like half current and yes, sometimes I need to blast music so loudly that it drowns out my negative thoughts BUT one thing cannot be denied: 

I know too much about God for anything in this life to make me doubt him. 

Oh, I am not saying that sometimes my heart does not ‘cut’ within me as mountains loom so large. And you know I would be lying if I told you there have never been times when tears fell from eyes that could not see a way forward. BUT there is just something in the hearts of all children of God that causes us to ‘eventually’ wake up from our slumber and remember that our PapaGod will never ‘fall our hands’. We have experienced too much of his mercies, goodness, faithfulness and perfect time-keeping that it is basically impossible to become and remain hopeless.

Like I said, we just know too much about him.   
Just take a minute and think of all the trials and tough times you have survived. As we recall how God brought us through them, we cannot help but see the truth in the fact that sometimes God permits bad times cos of the good he knows will come out of it. I am not saying I like it when it is happening but I do recognize and appreciate that for a  better me to come forth, I must pass through. It is just a fact of our spiritual lives - No purifying fire, no bling factor.  And how in the world can we be God’s signet rings and not bling to his glory? He won’t like that at all cos he likes to show us off. He wants us to be his poster children showing off his purple-chip brand. How do I know?

What can I say? Just like Smokie Norful, I just know too much about him.

*exhaling serenely*

How about you?



  1. Hmm, thanks so much. I just wish that sometimes, the fire didn't have to hurt so much.

    Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog.

  2. Feeling U̶̲̥̅̊ well. I've experienced so much of God's mercies that I know my Abba can never fall my hand. And on blasting music out loud just to drown out negative thoughts.....welcome to the club!

    1. It does work! Yes, God can never fall our hand. Thanks Drlily.


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