Saturday, 10 March 2012

Happy Birthday My Sweet Fifteen!

My one and only daughter is 15 today, the 11th of March! I am so thankful to God for her life and for making her such a super daughter and sister. She truly is. I mean, how many 15 year olds do you know will take on the role of tutor for their younger brother and actually 'beg' you not to look for another lesson teacher for him? I know that at that age, I could barely tutor myself talk less of another human being! And do you know what is so awesome about this? Last born son's grades have actually improved since Only Princess took him on. How about that? So you see why I am bragging on God for this little lady of mine? She is just one of a kind if I may say so myself.

So happy birthday my love, my own personal symbol of God's love (for that is what your name means) and I am glad you live in my home as a daily and constant reminder of how much God loves me. Cos I look at you and I know how much I love you and how I would do anything, just anything to see that you and your brothers are alright and I cannot but remember that God loves me just the same. Even more.

Happy birthday my sweet fifteen year old ''little mommy''! I may never have told you this but I admire you. Yes, I know. How does a mom admire her daughter? Is it not the other way round? Maybe but in my case, it is this way round. I admire you. Your intelligence, your prowess at playing the piano, your discipline and determination, the way you are growing up and maturing into a level-headed young lady and best of all, I admire your heart. Your heart is in the right place and I pray God it will remain so for ever. For a 15 year old, you are a wise one in a good way. Yes, I not only admire you my one and only daughter, I am proud of you and I love you dearly. One of my best sounds in the world is the sound of you laughing (I know, I say that about all of you! Even your Papa too! Lol! But it is true now! )

So as I give God all the glory for your life today, I once again put you firmly in his loving hands. I know of no other place to hide you and your brothers than in the secret place of God's presence. He it is that has kept you all these past 15 years and I am confident that he will do same for the next 15 years and beyond in Jesus name. Amen!

Enjoy your day my sweet fifteen year old princess and remember what I was always tell you. Be prayerful cos with God inside you and on your side, you cannot lose. If you focus on walking right with him, he will honour his name in your life and cause you to continue to stand out cos you represent the very essence of who he is - His Love.
Happy Birthday My Sweet Fifteen!
Your Mama.


  1. Happi birthday to your daughter. How you extol your kids...its beautiful.

    1. Thank you Tamie. I have been thinking about your words and it occured to me that THAT is exactly how God extols us.....imagine.......

  2. I like the way you always celebrate your children. God will continue to keep them


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