Monday, 19 March 2012

Fabrice, Pls. Stay Away From The Light

Now, if you know me, you will know that I am not a football person. True, I am a full-blown Arsenal fan but that is simply by marriage. Yes oh! Gunners for Life! Anyway, so you will believe me when I say that until the day this young man fell down in the cold grips of a cardiac arrest, I don't think I really knew who Fabrice Muamba was. 

Now, I do and now I am praying for him each time the spirit of God lays his name on my mind. 

I have been praying to God, the Giver and Sustainer of Life to keep this young 23 year old man away from the light. It just does not seem like he is done fulfilling his purpose on earth yet ( Has he even started? He is just 23!). But then again, what do I know? Am I the sovereign God? Nope, that I am not. I am just the child of the Sovereign God asking him to please have mercy on him, his family, his team, his fans,the sport,  in short, on all of us and keep this promising young man away from the light.

I am a simple woman and mother who like many of you out there I am sure, football freaks or not, just want this man to live.I confess that I tear up easily (I weep while watching every single episode of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. It's true. Every single one. Once they move that bus and the family scatters to the ground in shock and tears, I join them and sometimes I cry more than they do!) so you can just imagine what I have been doing as I listen to updates on Fabrice and as I listen in horror to news about 22 eleven and twelve year olds that died in a bus crash just as they were ending what I am sure was a wonderful school ski trip and as I learnt today about how some raving loony drove by a school  and shot down a father and his 6 year old son and one other child. Even if I did not have my own issues to ponder about, Sky News gives me plenty. I weep for all those parents, those families. I weep for this world of ours. PapaGod, please I don't want to weep for Fabrice. Please have mercy, Breathe of Life breath on your son and keep him away from the light.

I trust you will say a little prayer for Fabrice now and as you do take moment to ponder on how fragile life is. One minute that man was running as strong as an ox after a ball and the next minute he was more or less stone cold dead. It took 2 hours to get his heart to start beating again. Do you see how like a wisp of candle smoke we are? Do you see how come you cannot be taking even one second of your life for granted? Do you see why your celestial visa must be valid every breath you take? I really hope you do. I really hope we all do.
God is God and he can choose to bring Fabrice back and that is my sincere heartfelt prayer for him.

But when it comes to our turn, we don't know if he will keep us away from the light or leave us to walk towards it into an eternity of  bliss or one of  pain that would make anything we experienced on this side seem like a mere paper cut.


  1. Its so sad, I keep checking to see if theres any improvement on him. He used to be in arsenal's youth club...God is with him

    1. Just after I posted this, I read that he was moving his limbs and speaking a bit.......God is moving.....Papa, I brag on you. Frustrate the devil some more please......Pretty are on point. God is with him.

  2. I do pray he gets better too. Like you, I dint know him until the unfortunate incident happened. Through television and social media, I'd say just about everyone has heard his name and are praying for him.

    1. Indeed Efua and I love that he appears to be genuinely loved not just cos of how he plays but cos he is a good, hardworking guy with a good head on his shoulders! God will continue to perfect his healing in Jesus name. Amen! Thanks for coming by!


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