Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Eyes Wide Open Yet Walking Blind

These words came to me today as I responded to a friend's mail. It is one of the incredible things that we humans are able to do - have our eyes wide open yet be totally and completely blind. The painful, crazy thing is that we don't even know we are blind until we smack our heads against a wall and  the force of the collision snaps our ''eyes'' open! Am I making any sense? Anyway, it makes sense in my head even if  you are sitting their rolling your eyes wondering 'what is she talking about?' Lol!

Anyway, so in addition to becoming a big fat zero (which is not easy at all I tell you but God is helping) I have also decided to play the background in the show of my life. I am standing there at the back, in the dark shadows while the main star of my life, the real deal superstar, Jesus Christ takes centrestage and plays the Lead. Not only are his eyes open and seeing, he has the ability to see those things for which physical eyes are not needed and as long as I sing in tune with him, move to the same beat and make sure our melodies are on point, he will show me the way. He will be my sight and my Light out of the darkness.

To understand better, just listen to this song. It fills in all the gaps in this blog. Click quickly: .Background by Lecrae

BTW, as my 2011 DDNW is with my publishers and will be out by the grace of God just in time for my May birthday, I have now totally deleted all my 2011 blogs. *sorry*. I am so excited about this Diary not just cos it is my last Diary but becos its chock full of photo memories. Who knows, you might be in it? Lol! 

Shalom! Shalom!


  1. Hein? Hein?? Do you have a picture of me???
    what do you mean 'last?'

  2. Lol! Now I do thanks to your last blog! Lol! Unless you have another to send me............Lovl!

  3. This, I think, is the second time you have mentioned that the 2011 Diary will be the last. Any reason? I have thoroughly enjoyed the others and wouldnt mind more!

    1. Thank you for saying so Dobis. I will still offer something but in a diff format. The Diaries might come back later on..........God bless for coming by.


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