Saturday, 24 March 2012

Being Content

Being content has nothing to do with circumstances

For the first time in what seems like forever, it seems like the Universe and I are one again. It's a place of pure and unadulterated contentment. Call it inner peace if you like. I won't mind at all.

Now, while it is true that I have walked into another season of serenity where all is well with my soul and all is well with my world THIS is not the reason for my contentment. For I find now that godly contentment (which by the way is what I believe I am experiencing) must have nothing to do with my circumstances. At some point during my ''silent'' mode, God became my thermostat of sorts. The one that truly regulates how I view my world and more importantly how I react to it. I am more content than I  have been in a long while because I have arrived at a place where I deliberately choose to base my state of satisfaction on my God-cup. It is never half full or half empty. It is always running over. Always. How come? Cos God is always God and since he never changes as long as I see my life from that perspective, my contentment level will not change either. For being content for me is no longer about what is happening to me or where I am or what I have. It is now based simply and powerfully on who God is in my life. And what's that? Oh, that's easy.

God is my All.

You know, being content is now so old school. We are in the era of being bigger, better, richer, thinner! Ads scream at us to want shinier hair, bigger bosoms, more vacations, smoother skin and even bigger burgers! It's all about more, more, more! Being content with where you are right now is just so 80s! So NFA-ish! So lame! You do know that I am not asking you to be happy with being unhealthy or for wanting more out of your career. By all means, be ambitious, want a better life for your family, aspire to be the next Nobel Peace Laureate. All I am saying is that, on your way to that contently at peace with your NOW.

That is where I am now. I am contently at peace with my today. I have some serious ambitions too you know (I won't share them with you cos you will just say I am being corny or overly spiri or both!) and I will not stop until I attain my goals but by the special grace of God, I will not base my peace and sense of contentment on  how close or far away I am from achieving my goals especially if the goals only matter on this side of eternity. Mine don't but that just because I am truly not your most secular-ly ambitious person but I think it would be so sad if you looked at your vision for your future and it had nothing no ''legacy'' nuggets built into it making it only about the here and now. 

OK, I have to go now and just in case I have not made much sense so far, let me break this down as follows:

Being Content (as God would love you to be) is NOT:

1. Suppressing your emotions about how you feel about your current reality. So I am not asking you to 'pretend' you are aight when you are not. Talk to someone. Preferably your PapaGod and ask for perspective and a road map. Get a Life Coach or a Mentor. I can hook you up oh!

2. Maintaining your current (unhealthy, unhappy, dangerous, poor, backward) situation. So I am not saying that you should use 'God is my contentment' as an excuse not to get off your behind and go after your change. Faith without works is you being foolish or lazy or a pitymemylifeissosadhelpme person or all three!
3. About you attaining position, power or possessions. We all know this right? None of those things can give you true peace and contentment.

So what is this contentment I speak of then? Let me try to explain it from how I am feeling it:

1. Remaining cool, calm and collected in all situations ESPECIALLY those that call for ranting like a freak. It is remaining upbeat when things or situations or people (especially people) try to beat you down.

2. Trying to see the positives in every situation. Expecting the best in every situation and not the worst. Basically looking at your life from God's perspective and not yours. And when you can't see his perspective, knowing to trust his love for you as you wait for him to show you.

3.  Believing in yourself and holding on to the hope that everything in your life is going to work out just fine even if you cannot understand one bit of what is going on! If you keep walking with God, he will sort you out.

Let's be jealous about maintaining our godly contentment no matter what each day brings. Cos it don't matter what the day brings, our God remains the same.


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