Thursday, 9 February 2012

Who Needs A Brain?

I have a fantastically creative mind. Sometimes that is a good thing. But mostly, in trying times, it is a VERY bad thing. I don’t know how to put this in plain English but suffice to say that I have literally had to perform brain surgery on myself over the last day or two. I mean, I actually, cut open my head, take out my brain and leave it on a table somewhere. Anywhere really as long as that somewhere is far from me. Cos I find it is just an albatross on my shoulder and Lord knows I am not the Ancient Mariner!

So, how do I function with no brain? Oh, that’s easy. With no brain I am able to focus on what makes more sense to me. And it’s odd but the more ‘surreal’ the words my heart feed me, the better I feel. As ‘crazy’ stuff like ‘in your weakness, I am made strong’ or ‘though you be in the midst of the fire, it will not burn you’ float over me, the calmer I get. Yes, it is the foolishness of God’s word that feels more real to me. 

I do not need a brain to grasp the realities that my heart has stored for me out of the Word of God. The brain or the mind if you will is unable to grapple with such. You see, the brain thinks itself so smart. But to be honest, the brain is quite dumb. It goes purely on what it sees, feels and hears. How dumb is that when you know that you are more a spiritual being than a physical one! The more essential part of you is spirit. This body that sees, feels and hears is just a tent. ‘Tarpaulin’ as a dear aunt of mine would say. Why would you, a spirit created in the likeness of a God that is Spirit, reduce your experiences to the level of the mere sights and sounds of this physical world?

I have been asking myself this question a lot lately. Why do words, actions or visuals alarm me so much? Can I not see that ALL these things are designed, crafted by the evil coyote himself and his cohorts to take my gaze off the spiritual where my life matters more. Where things have the potency to truly affect me?  We are spirit beings and we should be paying more attention to our spirits. Not our bodies or our feelings. We should be doing all we can, especially when we don’t understand our physical circumstances, to pay attention to our spiritual sides. THAT is where the work needs to be done. THAT is where the victory is to be won. THAT is where the healing will begin. THAT is where the husband will appear first. THAT is where your baby will be born first. THAT is where we overcome first. In the spiritual places. So why then do we spend so little time THERE?

Why? Cos we have brains. We have minds! I don't know about you but I am dumping mine! For the journey ahead of me, I have no need of a human brain. If I must have a brain at all, it just has got to be Christ's. Yes, only the brain of Jesus Christ is good enough for me.
OK, it's true. I am rambling. 

Perhaps I have a fever or something. Or perhaps I am just trying to ask you to join me in spending more time in prayer and in camera with our PapaGod. There is no other way to have the mind of Christ. There is no other way to fight the evil in the world we live in today. We have got to spend more time cultivating our 'hidden lives'' to empower our outer lives.

As Andrew Murray puts it, no matter how lovely our outer lives look, if our hidden, secret life in Christ is rotten, one day that outer life will crash and what a mighty crash THAT will be. And even worse, the human brain will never allow us understand the incomprehensible position we have in Christ. The human brain stops us from grasping the potency of the blood of Christ. We  actually think we understand but we really do not have a clue.

So if my brain is preventing me from entering into the ''true rest'' of my God. Then  OFF WITH THE HEAD  a la Alice in Wonderland!

Who needs a brain when all it does is steal my God-given promises? Not me. So go on, brain, take yourself and all your human wisdom and knowledge! Take yourself and all the lies the devil breeds in you using facts and figures! Take yourself and all your memories of past hurts! Take yourself and  your logic and go jump off the highest bridge into the deepest lake and stay there for a period of infinity times infinity multiplied by forever!

In Jesus name. Amen!


  1. I join you in saying Amen! Nice post as always. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, miss you FB :) Take care and hugs.

    1. Myne!!!! Happy New Year! Thanks for coming by *hugging you right back*

  2. I think we have similar challenges, regarding this. I always say my mind has a mind of its own, but God is helping me.

    1. And ONLY God, via His Holy Spirit, can help us my love. Only God.

  3. God bless you for this, you have no idea what you just did to my soul

    I may not need a brain but i definately need a dictionary to tell me the meaning of "albatross" instead of forming smarty pants and guessing the meaning in context

    1. Dosh, am so happy to hear that. God is so into us. So into you. Did you get my mail? Just in case, an albatross is an ugly seabird and basically symbolizes a burden, an encumbrance, an offensive load weighing one down or something unwanted you just cannot get rid of. I am sure you guessed right! Thanks for coming by.


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