Saturday, 4 February 2012

When Loving Gets Tough

As long as God is still God and he is in charge of it all then I will keep standing. It does not matter what I see, hear or even what I feel. And boy, am I feeling pain right now. But after lying in the dark for close to 10 hours, just me, my God and my raving mind, I got up, put on my CD player and blasted the volume to the max. I did not even care what CD was playing. I just needed it to praise God and LOUDLY. I needed it to remind me who God was in my life. I needed it to remind me that ALL would work out in my favour. Somehow. I needed music to scream God's name into my brain and drown out the babbling of the devil. As God would have it, I had music that did just that!

I have to tell you again that when you are feeling down in the proverbial mirey dumps, you really need to find a boom box and blast some music. I think one of the main goals of the enemy at time like those it to keep you inert. Immobile. Frozen in place so you will not be able to stretch out your finger and push down that ''play'' button. Cos he knows if you do, if you can just manage to get some praise music into your system, he will lose his grip on your mind. At least, this is my story. I wish I had reached out to my CD player 9 hours ago! Instead of laying there weighing all my options and still ending in the same place I started off at. The place that says, sometimes ''Love is all that matters''. Don't you you hate it when your mind does that to you? I mean, what is the point of taking me on that mind-numbing, panic attack inducing, hot sweats initiating thought journey ONLY to bring you back to exactly where you started off? Kai!

Anyway, as long as God is still God, and he is my PapaGod and I am called to be like him, then I am making a mental note to self and it goes thus:

When ''loving'' gets tough, just try your best to 'to walk in love''.

Hunh? Meaning? Just think about it prayerfully and I am sure it will come to you.........just the same way it came to can share your thoughts if you wish. I would love to hear from you on what you think the above means for us Christians.

For now, I am off to watch ''Meet Joe Black' for just about the 200th time'. I LOVE that movie. I just love all the non verbal communication. So much is said without speaking a word! Kai! Just awesome. PLUS God knows my mind needs the kind of break that staring at Brad Pitt can offer me right now *sighing*


  1. The power of music... Sometimes, i feel so down that i can't even find the words to pray and music is what helps me utter the right words and uplifts my spirit. It's funny how despite the fact that we know this, we only remember to turn on the radio after spending a stupid amount of time worrying.

    I pray God gives you the grace to walk in love and be all that He meant for you to be. God bless you for sharing

  2. Dosh, I really do not know why we do that. It just boggles the mind really. Thank you so much for your prayer and I am saying a loud AMEN from over here.


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