Wednesday, 1 February 2012


You catch me like a thief in the night
You hold me when I put up a fight
You chase me when I run from your light
Because you love, you won’t give up
Till my heart is stolen!

(Lyrics of ‘Stolen’ by Brandon Heath)

Please read the words up there over again. And again.

Do you know of any human being that is capable (in the flesh) of loving like this? I mean, think about it. You steal from me. You fight me. When I try to help you out of your darkness, you run from me! YET, I continue to chase you, love you? How far? Lailai! I cannot do that now. I know when I am not wanted. I will leave you alone jejely to sort yourself out. Is it by force to love someone? No, it is not.

Unless you are operating like God.

Yes, you can only love this  ‘reluctant object of affection’  like the words above depict if you see people with your Father’s eyes and love them with his heart. I find that most people, including myself, struggle with this. Maybe you are different but when people treat me badly, I just want to leave them alone and move on with my life. I tell myself that I am not upset nor am I holding them in unforgiveness but I would rather just keep them on the outside of my sphere of influence. But would the kind of love being demonstrated in the song above do that? Would God do that? My experience with him has proved to me that he could NEVER do that.

And neither should we. At least if we say we are his children and carry his spirit in us. His spirit is a loving one. It loves regardless. It loves in spite of. It loves no matter what. It loves even when love does not come back. The spirit of God is LOVE and I have come to realise, all over again how blind and deaf and thick-skinned God’s love for me is. I wish I could be more like Him. I wish we all could be more like him.

Yes, I wish we could love people till their hearts are stolen from the devil and handed over to God forever.

1st Afterthought: I was just thinking maybe if we stopped loving people with the sole aim of getting them to love us back. Maybe if we loved people more to get them to move towards Jesus Christ; to get them into heaven, maybe then our love will be more like God’s. God does not care if we love him back. He would love that we did BUT I suspect that his main concern is that we not end up in hell. He has paid too high a price for us to lose us to the devil. Abi, what do you think? God is no thief but he will never give up on us. He will continue to chase us till our hearts are stolen.

2nd Afterthought: Personally, I also believe that Love, like Forgiveness does not necessarily mean Relationship........but that's just me.

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  1. Elizabeth Udoudo5 February 2012 at 15:40

    The only true love you can show a person is THE TRUTH! Not the truth in judgement but the truth in love...this truth when revealed to them will draw them to God. Being silent in the name of love is further pushing the individual to destruction because they may continue in their ways thinking they have not being found out...and I agree, forgiveness does not necessarily mean relationship..(well right now that is where I am and don't know, it may just change later....).


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