Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sooner or Later

Sooner or later, we get just what we expect.

Now, depending on your attitude to life, the above statement would be positive or negative.  If you are an optimist, then you will find it a hopeful statement filled with positive anticipation. On the other hand, if you tend to look at your cup as half empty rather than half full, then you would have read the statement, kissed your teeth and muttered sadly to yourself.

So where do you fall? Be honest with yourself o!

Me? Well, one side of my brain read it positively and the other read it and kissed its teeth. Lol! What can I say; I am a positive-pessimist. True, I know there is no such thing but you know me, I form words to suit my purpose! For real, though, I just have to confess to you. Lately, I have been spending too much time over-analyzing my life along the negative axis. You know, ruminating over what things could have been ‘but for that’ or ‘had this not been the case’. Pure waste of time! True, making mistakes can be painful but worse is when we refuse to move on, letting the mistake imprison us for life in a cage of our own making weeping ‘had I known’ tears.

I’m done with that! I just thank God for fixing it so I would end up a Christian because ‘but for God in my life’ I would be one of two things right now: A manic depressive or a manic suicidal depressive. But when you are a Christian and have had the opportunity to be exposed to a good dose of scripture and Holy Spirit inspired teaching somehow, somehow, the enemy is not able to get THAT good a grip of you.  At least he should not be able to cos the word of God in you should rise up to the surface and smack his ugly, twisted mouth shut each time.  If this does not happen, sooner or later, his cruel lies will become your thoughts and your thoughts will become your reality.

Or, in other words, sooner or later, you will get exactly what you have been thinking.

Or, as the Good Book puts it so nicely, as you think, so shall you be.

So you see why I am done with all of the negative thinking? I do not want any of the negative things I am thinking about to become my reality (imagine me doing the Oloun maje/tufiakwa’ motions right now with my hand and head. Lol!) . So if my reality is a reflection of my thought patterns, then so help me God, those patterns have got to line up perfectly with all the good my PapaGod says about me, mine and our future.
Yes, from now on, by God's special grace, I shall be thinking only good and great thoughts.

So that, sooner or later, I will get just what I have been thinking about.

How about you?


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  1. Well, I believe this is good for me because I am an optimist.


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