Monday, 6 February 2012


My last born son is eight years old. I have three children and they are all wonders. Not only are they wonders, they will do wonders in their generations. If you are a mom, I hope you are believing same and shouting AMEN over your wonders too. If you are a mom to be, I still hope are saying AMEN too for your children waiting to be born. You better be. That is what faith is all about.

Anyway, this blog is not about faith. It is about my 8 year old. Twice now he has spoken to me and used the word ''Literally''. When an 8 year old talks to you and ends it with the word ''Literally'', you sit up and rewind the scene and pay attention. At least if you are me. Cos I was wondering "'Literally ke?, who taught him THAT"'? I cannot remember what he said the first time but I remember the second time cos it was just 30 minutes ago. I walked into my home and he said "Mommy, spaghettii! Spaghetti! If I don't get some now, I will turn into a monster. Literally.""

I had to laugh, He is funny my last born son. And apart from God, he is the one human I know that is the embodiment of love. Unadulterated. This child of mine is, no doubt, an angel of love, in child form. He gave me his gap toothed smile and my world was alright and as I walked up the stairs, sweaty and my just done hair all droopy with the curls all sweaty, I heard God speak to me. ''Bola, when I give you my word, I too, I give it to you LITERALLY. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Just like your last born child, who comes from me has said, I too, I am your God and the words I have given you are literal. As I have said them, so shall I do them. In your life and in the lives of those you love. OK?

OK Lord.

That is all I could say. 

Ok PapaGod, I will take your promises too  LITERALLY and I pray that you reading this will do same.

Take God's word to you Literally.

He will do what he says. And he says exactly what he will do. In your life.


  1. Awwww that is so cute. That sure made me think. Thanks for this. God is so wonderful.

    1. Missy Tee, Mwaah! I am happy it ''spoke'' to you. God bless you.

  2. Amen. God is ever faithful and his words sure. And just like your baby, He means it literally

  3. that. God is LITERALLY true.

  4. Nice one.
    Need to meet with you.


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