Monday, 13 February 2012

In The Morning

I have been spending the past 2/3 days with an uber-cool gentleman of God and it has been time very well spent. Being as I have given up using my own brain, I find it quite refreshing to simply feed off the brains of another. And my ‘another’ has been Andrew Murray.

I have always loved those olden day Preachers and Andrew Murray and Charles Spurgeon are my all-time favorites. I simply love the simple passion yet incredible depth of their words. These men truly cared about the final destination of the people they were preaching to and it shows in their sermons/writings. Anyway, I have been reading Andrew Murray's The Practice of God’s Presence’ and I am not kidding, on each page there was something that made me gasp. There is just something about the way he captures and tries to convey the awesomeness of God’s power, mercy and love that takes my breath away. As I spent time with him again in this season of my life, he has revolutionized the way I think about my morning devotion and that is what I would like to share with you today.

Since I hate to be bored, I will try NOT to bore you. I will do my best to keep to the ‘koko’ of what he taught me. I also would hate to sound prescriptive so I am just going to share with you what I am committing to do with the first fruit of my day - My Mornings. I cannot force you but I can plead with you to join me. And I am. Please, pretty please join me. Please!

In the Morning I am going to read my Bible not just to find out new and interesting promises cos I see now that doing that only gives me head knowledge of God’s word. I have made up my mind to read my bible seeking the GRACE and POWER I need to live by it so that each word can truly sweeten and sanctify my life. 

In the Morning, I will NOT read my Bible UNTIL I have invited the Holy Spirit to reveal the ‘real’ meaning of the mysteries and secret messages God has put in his Word for me for that day. I will ask him to open my ‘eye’ gate so that I can see exactly what he wants me to see AND to understand how that word impacts my life (or should impact it). I must be totally dependent on the teaching of the Holy Spirit. Outside of his help, it will just be an exercise in information gathering that will profit me nothing.

In the Morning I will read my Bible with the sole aim of obeying. I must approach God’s word each morning totally surrendered to obeying what I read. No matter how uncomfortable or painful or dumb or ‘makes- me- look- like-a-doormat’ it makes me feel. I will ask for grace to obey and I know God will hear me. Imagine how different our lives and testimonies as Christians would be if, each morning, we woke up saying: ‘Lord, whatever I know to be your will, I will IMMEDIATELY obey’

In the Morning, BEFORE I begin to pray, I will secure God’s presence. I will NOT be content UNTIL I am sure that God is looking at me in love, listening to me and working in me. I must not start my day without the assurance that God’s seal of approval is upon it. His seal brings his love, his will and his holiness into my day. With it I am sure of His Spirit and Power working in me all day long. Now, why would we want to leave home without it?

In the Morning, I will make every confession of sin I make DEFINITE. No more repent and repent and repent again. Kai! I will cut out entirely anything I do, say or think that grieves God. I will ask for and receive in faith the grace and strength I know I need. I will put my hand across my heart and commit to making obedience to God my controlling principle of the day. In the Morning, I will give myself completely to God’s will. I will ask God to show me his mercies so that I can get into his will and live there FOREVER beginning with each morning.

In the Morning, after I have prayed, I will remember to listen. After I have spoken, I will let my PapaGod speak to me. Prayer is always a two way conversation. So once I am done, I will be still, will humbly wait and hear God’s response. I can be sure that the Holy Spirit will make sure this happens. Deep in my heart, I will hear my God cos I am his child and I recognize his voice.

In the Morning when I pray, I shall intercede for others. Yes, it will not just be about me, myself and mine. I shall, by God’s grace, have a real longing for the souls of those around me, a real burden for their sin and their needs and a real pleading for the extension of my PapaGod’s Kingdom here in my country, Nigeria and the world. I will do this because I see that this is one of the sure paths to true and authentic Christlikeness.

And finally, In the Morning, I will tell myself that I am God’s child and I will remind myself that my PapaGod has called me to live a wonderful, heavenly and supernatural life. I will tell myself that this is why my morning hour is critical. Because my daily, Morning Prayer opens the gate of heaven through which its light and power floods my waiting heart. As I get off my knees in the morning, I will walk away empowered and ready to walk with God ALL day long.

I know, I know. I was not as brief as I promised. Just manage me like that *smiling* but I do pray that I did not bore you. But when you spend time in such good company, you take away so much good stuff. Thank you Andrew Murray! For sharing such good, life enhancing wisdom with me. I know I am weak and I know that sleep is my favourite hobby BUT you make me see once more that this morning hour prayer pledge MUST be really high on my list of ‘’do or die trying’’ things of 2012. And so it will be. If I perish, I perish.

How about you?

P. S. I am not saying you don't pray already. I pray too. ALL I am saying is that perhaps we need to look at why and how we pray NOW. Cos perhaps God is calling us to pray different......for our own good. Cos he loves us and wants much more for us than we have now I'm just saying.........


  1. I love your points,I want all of that too.
    I'm desperate for grace to take me to that place in prayer that's deeper than I've ever imagined.

    1. And God will take you there Fantasy Queen, in Jesus name. Amen! One thing I see more about our PapaGod is that he wants our good even more than we do!

      Thanks for coming by. Truly appreciate it.

  2. Inspiring... God is calling us to much more.

    1. SO much more Uchay. SO much more. God bless you for coming by.

  3. My goodness.....this is exactly wat I need. Alwaiz feel like dis-satisfaction when I say my last Amen after praying in the morning. Gonna save this page now, α̲̅πϑ try to follow Brother Andrew's instructions too. God bless you real good!

    1. God! Thank you so much Dr. Lily. Yes, since I did this, as I read my Bible and pray, my spirit brings these words to me...... You really do get up 'knowing' your day will be different......cos you know you met with God IN THE MORNING.

    2. That should have been a 'Praise God' at the beginning. Not sure what happened to the 'Praise''. Lol!

    3. In the morning...I'll be alright...In the morning, The sun's going to rise...In the morning!

      Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

    4. Ekene!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you so much. I know you will not believe me but I was thinking of you today in traffic!!!!! I truly was!!!!!!!


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