Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Embracing Life

I get it now. Life is meant to be embraced. All of it. Not just the good bits. The bad. hurtful, terrible, sad, wish-they-never-happened bits too. I thought I knew that but I really did not. Not until I ran into a really bad patch along the road. recently. I did not want to have anything to do with it. I bucked and I backed up! But it would not give in. Eventually, I had to face it. Yes, I faced failure head on and it almost ruined me. But for God. He told me. 'Bola, embrace it. If you do, it will be a learning step not a death gong'. I tell you, till then, I thought the only good thing that could come out of what I was going through was me dying. Yes, that was how bad it was. Death became a good thing. How evil is the devil?

Thankfully, I did not die and God has been teaching me so much in this season of my life. Chief is that truly 'Love conquers ALL' and Chief II is that I should learn to thank him for my mistakes cos every single major lesson I will learn in this life will come from me making one. Yes, a mistake only becomes a failure when we refuse to learn from it and move on. As God alone could have it, one of the books I  began reading is titled 'Failing Forward' by John C.Maxwell. I have a strong suspicion my mgm planted this book in a place he knew I would see it and read it. But I shall not be accusing anyone right now. In this book, I read of one person; a coach who credited his success as a coach to all the mistakes he had made. How come? Cos they taught him how NOT to do things in the future. And God knows I have learnt how NOT to do things in my future thanks to my recent bunglings. Now, I can thank God for those mistakes. I can look back on them and actually, in spite of the searing pain and anguish they caused me, thank God for them. I can actually embrace my failures. Why?

Cos now I know exactly how NOT to conduct my business and my life. More importantly, I have learned to NEVER ignore my instincts a.k.a the voice of God in 'warning mode'.  It's crazy really, human beings are the only animals in the world that smell danger and still hang around to check it out/to be sure. You see a gazelle in the wild and all it has to do is even think it smells the lion and zap! off it goes, running for its dear life. I have learnt to do same. So, as the good book says, ALL has worked out in my favour in the end. 

Same goes for success to be honest. Tendency is for us to succeed once and think 'Bam, I have made it!'. Another lie of the devil. Don't buy it. Just like failure, one success is just an event. Your life is a journey not an event. So even though you just scored a huge success in one thing or another don't rest there. Of course, you must rejoice and celebrate it  Of course, you must embrace it BUT do not think THAT is it. That you have arrived. It's just one event along your journey. You are destined to experience many more events - failures and successes- along the way as you move towards fulfilling your God-given destiny.  
And all of these events are  part of your journey. Part of your Life.

So dear one, embrace your LIFE. ALL of it!
With God on your side, the sum of them all will add up to the great person you have been destined to be.



  1. Love this post. God uses all of us to do what he will...all of our beings, experiences, fears and failures...But yes, we must embrace it, own it, learn from it and move forward. True talk.
    Even the pain is a blessing...

    1. Love that......the pain is a blessing.....in the end.....I think what's crucial that you said is that before we can move on, we have to 'own it''. Bless you Ekene!

  2. lol @ i shall not be accusing anyone right now

    It is amazing how one second we make horrible mistakes and think the end is near and the next second God uses those mistakes to make us better, stronger people. I can feel your strength and revival as i read this and it is soooooo heartwarming.

    God bless your dear heart and may He always open you eyes to the blessings that come from bad experiences

    1. I tell Dosh, I wish we could remember that in the midst of the pain. Cos it is so true. So true. The refiner's fire is just school. Tough school. Thank you. Yes! The NEW is here.........Bless you for coming by.


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