Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Strife of Tongues

First of all, I want to thank God for Life. Yes, Life. What would we be without Life? Nothing cos only the living deal with stuff. So, if I am dealing with stuff it means I am alive and I am grateful for my status. Alive DNW. Alive and well. Thank you Lord.

I must confess though that before I rose to the level of gratitude, I was mad. Yes, I was really angry. Over the years, from time to time, people would find a way to share splatters of useless rumours with me. These tales would filter my way. I would hear, shake my head and then because I ''not fit fight'', I would hand them over to my God. I trusted him to keep his word and ''deliver me from the strife of tongues''. But when, out of no where, one of the chief peddlers shows up on my door step (literally speaking), I am only human o! and I became the desperate AND mad Naija woman! How dare said person come to my home! I mean, how do you go about peddling such horrible things about people yet you have the gall to come to them for help?

What? Say that again? Oh! You mean what if all said person peddled were not lies? It matters NOT one jot. Even if it were true, it is not the business of said person so said person should ZIP IT! Anyway, my point is if you choose to gossip so maliciously about someone, STAY away from the object of your evil slander. Do not go around trying to be their friend. It just makes you look even more nasty! Kai! Na wa! I think that is what ticked me off the most: That said person was, in spite of all they had said over the years, trying to pretend to be our friend. No way!

Anyway, I am done venting so to speak. True, it may not not have been the purely Jesus like thing to do but I felt good. *trying to have a shamed look on my face and failing badly* But you must agree that I tried now. At least I was not rude nor badly behaved. I simply asked said person , via a third party, to remove their presence from my property and my ''very before'' with immediate alacrity! Even my mgm was thoroughly amazed cos he had NEVER seen me that way. Never! Did I do wrong? Maybe. Maybe not.

Anyway, I thank God for revealing to me that said human being was actually still in my circle of influence. And  THAT had to end. People like that should not be anywhere near one. Lailai! You cannot be one of the main protagonists in the strife of tongues saga against my family and still try to be my friend. Not gonna happen.

True, I forgive you BUT please stay away from me and mine. Forgiveness does not mean relationship. Go and peddle your strife of  tongues somewhere else! 

Somewhere FAR away from me.


  1. Hmmmm.... the realities of the life we live in. I pray God gives you strength to deal with the challenges you face daily

    1. Amen! Thanks ilola.... I have been thinking about what I did and asking God to show me if I was still 'walking in love' in that moment? You know the kind of love he talks about in 2John3?.....I am still pondering on it...where does one draw the line? What would Christ have really done in this situation?

  2. Dear Sistadivine, God is teaching that as He is a man of peace, He is a man of war, Ecclesiates 3 talks about a time for everything. This was a time to "flog" nonsense out of your property, just as Jesus Christ did to those exchanging money in the temple. She get luck sha, some of us na the part of the lion of the tribe of Judea, we go show! Lol. It is well, God will continue to keep your home in Jesus name amen.

    1. My sisdivine, Amen! and Amen! I have tried to 'regret' what I did but I have not been able to.....since I have peace, I shall leave matter. Lol!

  3. Elizabeth Udoudo5 February 2012 at 15:27

    Hmmmm..... I am smiling a 'holy' smile reading this. Now, because you have the spirit of God in you and he bears witness with our spirit you wouldn't have felt good after you did what you had to do. The holy spirit I know would have flogged the .....out on your conscience. You did right at that time, not just for that time but for times to come.

    1. Lizzie! Awesome to have you here. Thank you o jare.......


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