Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Putting All My Eggs In One Basket

I have always known that most of the time, with God, things never make sense. At least according to the world. Doing things God's way makes you look foolish and weak more often than not. I am used to it. And to be honest, I have ceased to care. Yes, I have ceased to care what people think about my actions. Especially when ''people'' means me, myself and I. For as some of you might know, the person who tends to fight you the most when you want to do things God's way, the person that ridicules you the most and makes you look lame the worst is actually your very own self.

But this morning, through the throbbing waves of pain in my head, when I heard God's answer to my question, I just blocked out ''people''. Yep, the answer sounded so foolish and lame and just annoying to be honest. But because I was sure it was God speaking to me, I agreed. Yes, I agreed NOT to take action on my own. I agreed to humble myself some more. I agreed to put ALL my eggs in one basket. HIS basket. You see, that is what makes the difference - The Basket i.e. Who owns the basket. As long as you are putting all the eggs of your life in God's basket, you will be alright in the end. No matter how crazy you felt at the time.

However, if you are putting your eggs in Man's basket of connection or power or wealth or knowledge or whatever man believes wisdom is, with all due respect, you are on your own and quite foolish. When has man ever come through for you on his own? He only does what God allows/enables him do anyway. When has man never caused you more pain than you thought possible? When has man always been willing AND able to help you? Only God can be that. Only God can be willing AND able to help you all the time. Only God.

And it is this God. Only Him that I am hoping in. Trusting. I have put ALL my precious eggs in His basket and left them there. To be honest, I really do not have the energy to cope with all those eggs on my own. In fact, right now, I feel downright drained. It is time to let go and let God. It's His basket, He should manage it by his Almighty self as he has promised. Every single day since the 31st of December 2011, he has found one way or another to encourage me to hold on........So I refuse to let the 'signs' distract me. 

For now, I think I shall go make me some scrambled eggs with loads of butter and milk. Comfort food. Just the thing for times such as these. 

Faith and Eggs. Want some?

( I read Zouzou's blog the other day on Nigeria and I was just torn. I mean the enemy is on high gear. Like she said, we can only continue to pray. We must not give up. Not one jot. So yes, people, keep praying for our Nation. OK? Put Nigeria in God's basket)


  1. You're right: it makes sense to put all your eggs in one basket as long as God is the one who owns the basket. This was very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Man will keep failing us. Na only God o. We women have too many eggs to keep, so its only God that can help us

  3. Yep God's things are different from the things of the world. When it comes to Him I put all my eggs in His basket. About the happenings in Naija, I read her blog too. Its very sad and we JUST HAVE TO CONTINUE PRAYING.

  4. Was just going through my fav blogs and waas mortified to see that I never replied you The Relentless Builder, Ilola and Ibifiri. Forgive me! Not sure how that happended but that was a really tough time for me so I guess I lost my manners as I tried to keep my head above water......


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