Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Father's Eyes

I have been trying to look at people through God's eyes more and more. I have failed more often than I have succeeded but I am not going to give up. The few times that I have kept my God lenses on, I tell you, its such a beautiful feeling. The wave of genuine love and acceptance you feel for the other person, regardless of what they have done or not done, is incredible. Almost to the point of being ridiculous. At least in my view. I mean, don't you look back on how God has treated you and blessed you in the past IN SPITE of all your shenanigans and felt 'Which kain God be dis oh?'. It is the same thing, when  you look at people and deal with them with your God lenses on, they too must feel like ''which kain craze be dis one oh?'' How come? Cos your God lenses enables you deal with people in love.....just because.

OK, it is more than 'just because' You deal with them in love because you belong to God and God is Love so YOU are Love. God's eyes enable you see people through the Jesus Christ filter. This filter enables you sift away the pain and hurt till you only see yourself, a beneficiary of God's agenda-less, unconditional and boundless love. Being a recipient of such, who are you to withhold it from another? This is the question I ask myself over and over when I just want to spark again and let it rip! I, who has been forgiven so much, shall I cast another aside in anger or pain? What will I tell God when he asks me? I am sure you all remember the story of the man who was forgiven this huge debt only to go after his own pinshinpinshin debtor with such vengeance! I refuse to be like that.

I thank God for even allowing me the blessing of looking at people through his eyes cos apart from the above, it is quite free-ing to be honest. Who needs all that inner turmoil leading to disease?  God's  eyes help us deal with unforgiveness. They help us let go of people. Of course it is not magic. I am not saying that someone comes up to you and slams you with some hurtful words and you just smile like some idiot saying "Oh but I love you for saying that. You know I am so not upset right now because I am looking at you through God's eyes now!''. Are you for real? No, I am not suggesting that you hug the person but you will walk away and not repay in kind. And the next time you see that person (if you must. lol!), you will act in love. Because you got your God lenses on and best of all, in the middle of your chest sits your pretty little God heart. And God's heart does not do bad bele. Awesome!

And one last thing. That you  forgive someone  does not make  that person right. It only makes you free!  Isn't that just the truth. I learned this a long time ago from Stormie Omartian. It's just PURE wisdom.

So join me, let's keep our God lenses on. No more judging others. 
Just accept. Just love. As you are loved. OK?

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