Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Letter to my Mother (a.k.a That's ALL)

 Dear Mom

Is it true what I hear? That you would say that? And do this?
Oh, I'm sorry mom, forgive me for not asking how you are.
I have not lost my manners since you left. Just got a lot on my mind
That's all.

But is it true what I keep hearing? Are you seeing and wondering?
Was parenting or being a child this hard when you were  living?
I don't know mom but sure wish you were here with me.
That's all.

I bet you are looking down at us with bittersweet feelings
But mom, what's a daughter to do when silence is all she got?
How d'you deal with a stone wall? I just think you should be ready to get what you give
That's all.

Anyway mom, I just wish you were here so you could tell me yourself
What I keep hearing you would. It won't even matter if I hated what you said
No, just having you with me, now, in this moment is all that would matter. Cos I miss you.
That's all


  1. Awwwwww. Bless! She's in a better place.

    Even if she's not here to answer your questions, the Holy Spirit will keep comforting you

    1. Thanks ilola! true....thank God for his all knowing, ever nearby by Spirit. A comforter and confidant we can trust.


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