Saturday, 7 January 2012

I Am Salt

I love the number 7 so when on 31st of December 2011, my blog basically crashed out on me, rather than explode because I was just a few key strokes away from finalizing my second to last blog of the year, I took a deep breath, exhaled and decided that THAT was it for me till the next year. I was NOT going to blog till 2012 came around. And I was NOT going to blog till the 7th of January  ‘just because’ . Usually, I would obsess about how, for the first time in the history of the Diaries, there will be no 31 of December 2011 blog. But I did not. I just could not be bothered enough to sweat that particular small stuff o jare.  I just said, God knows best and moved on. And guess what?  The earth is still revolving round the sun.Who knew? Lol!

Morale of the story? Nothing is THAT big a deal. Nothing. 

So Happy New Year by the way!!!!!! Is it not just awesome that we made it over the 2011 – 2012 divide? I don’t know about you but personally, I am just satisfied to be alive and to be able to look around me and see those that matter most are still here with me. If not physically, in spirit. I closed out 2011 in the most spectacularly bittersweet way of my life. I once thought that 2003 was the worst year of my life but 2003 can take heart now. 2011 has taken that crown and I doubt that any other year can top it ever. But it does not really matter to me anymore because today, God gave me a new name. He called me SALT.

It’s funny but when you think about God, you really see how it is just so like him to send me this word the day before my return to blogsville. Imagine the scenario: It’s a new year, you are more or less wallowing in the dregs of your recent blunder, you know what the Word says you are, you hear the words of the songs you have been pounding into your brain, you even hear the Spirit of God in you tell you the truth about yourself. YET you cannot do it. You are unable to move into this fresh, new page that has been opened up to you by Life itself. But just when you resign yourself to putting back on your usual mask of ‘’am alright-ness with its plastic smile'', God bends down, reaches down, touches you on the cheek and calls you SALT. 

Salt brings taste to the tasteless. Salt brings flavor to the bland. Salt cleanses. Salt preserves. Salt heals. Salt is good. Even if it spills to the ground, it does not lose its saltiness. It might get a little gritty but who said life was perfect? Lord knows I am not but God called me Salt. Regardless. And I am. I am ‘The Salt of our home, The Salt of our family’. These were my MGM’s words to me yesterday morning but I knew it was God speaking. I just knew it.

And what was he trying to tell me?  

You are still useful. Don’t give up. You are not your actions. You are bigger than that.  Rise above it. Fall you have but I, your God did not allow you to be utterly cast down. Arise, Shine! In 2012, go forth and be what I have called you to be, go bring taste to the tasteless concoction that is the world you live in, go give flavor to the bland patch of the earth you have been planted in; go DNW, go bring wholeness and healing to those I bring across your path; Go my daughter, Go  beyond your past into your future! Go, Forgive yourself; Go, Forgive others, Go, Forget; Just Go and be:


I just looked up to the ceiling in my room, tears in my eyes, thanked God and promised Him I would be just that. I was finally FREE. *exhaling and shrugging off the coat of the past for good*

P. S. So, this year, this 2012, I AM SALT. And I say same to you dear one reading this right now: Go! Be Salt. Go be Light. Go and be ALL that God has called you to be in this life. Take back ALL that the devil has taken from you. We are SALT, let's sting the eye of the enemy as we take back our territory. OK? Yes? Great!

Oh and by the way, the 2011 Braggie Awards will still be featured in the 2011 Diary along with a whole bunch of other surprises too! This is one Diary you will surely want to have as it just might be my last Diary........I plan to pack  loads of momentos into it.........

Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Hmm I can see that you a fired up. This year surely is going to be very great for you.
    I would love to have the 2011 diary. I cant wait.
    happy new year and have a prosperous year.

    1. Ibifiri, yes I was. I have been up and down actually since then but I am 'maintaining' as best I can in Christ. The 2011 Diary is going to be special by God's grace.

  2. Might be your last??? Wow!
    I am the salt of the earth and I plan to be as possible.

    I can see you changed your blog theme, nice!

  3. I am the salt of the earth, i will not loose my taste in Jesus name


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